Just in time for Labor Day, Lana Del Rey returns with the perfect soundtrack to bid farewell to summer to. Norman F*cking Rockwell! is a F*cking Masterpiece! and I'd feature every song on the album here if I could. I mean, have you HEARD (...)
We Are: The Guardians! Can you believe August is over? We’ve got a big one today for you beautiful people. The VMAs were this week so we’re taking you behind the scenes, making a brief stop at Afropunk and ending our (...)
As August draws to a conclusion, you may be feeling somewhat bittersweet. While it's exciting to look ahead to all of the adventures set to come over the next few weeks, it's never easy making that official switch from summer to (...)
Okay, so you caught us in a Iie. We weren’t totally around in 2009. At least not in the same capacity. We had a different name and a different brand. We were still listening, though. Oh boy, were we listening. The (...)
The hottest thing about the MTV VMA’s was the actual temperature and of course Missy Elliot. But that’s not a surprise now is it?! I mean, did you even watch? Of course you did … you probably had it on in the background (...)
5 Seconds of Summer break down the confusion of a push/pull relationship on "Teeth!" Have you ever known someone who seems super into you by night, only to completely about-face and act like they don't (...)
All you The 1975 fans and soon to be fans can rejoice because a brand new wig snatching punk rock single has been released. As a heads up to you all, in case you’ve felt like music has been somewhat of a snooze (...)
Technically speaking, we have about a month left of summer ‘19 but songwriter and artist Coco Morier won’t have none of that. Bouncing off the momentum of her recent release “Perfect People,” Coco teamed up (...)
Swae Lee comes together with Drake to bring the heat he promised earlier this month on "Won't Be Late." At the beginning of August, Swae Lee tweeted a teaser, "August's going to be an exciting month. That's (...)