Being in the public eye is hard as hell. Your absolute worst moments can be so easily captured by the paparazzi, your bitter studio engineer, or thousands of cell phone cameras held up by adoring (or hateful) fans.
There are two things you should do each day. The first, dance like there is no tomorrow, and second, drop in and check out the latest indie songs that the team at We Are: The Guard has curated for you. Today’s featured songs come from FRDN, Sigala, Logic, LEON, and more.
It's not going to fix or change the events currently playing out through our various screens, but I genuinely hope that the following playlist, featuring Muse, Matthew Dear, Robyn, Gallant, Nothing But Thieves, and five other favorites, gives you at least a moment's reprieve from this all-American hellscape.
Sure there are dozens of bands in costumes. But that hasn’t stopped a number of other fearless musicians to experiment with non-human frontmen in their bands. To put animals or robots to good work and see what comes of it. Some work, some don’t. Most are metal as hell. We’re glad we know about all of them.
It's that time where we once again gather to let go of all of the stresses and worries that we've collected over the last seven days with the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Best Chill Songs. Ease into the weekend with the following 10 tracks from BROCKHAMPTON, Kevin George, Yaeji, and more.
Yaeji might be one of the most iconic names in dance music right now, with her muted warehouse ready techno beats and unique/magical vocal stylings that come together to form this whole amazing package of otherworldliness. She turns the chorus of Charli XCX’s original into a hook that really carries this bouncing beat along.
The usual complaints about pop music are that it’s bland, generic, sonically uninteresting and derivative, and overtly tame. Glasgow duo Love Sick seems like they’re addressing these issues head-on with their full-throttle new single Fever.
No need for you to waste time scrolling through endless blogs or waiting for Friday for new music because we got you covered with 10 indie pop songs that are anything but basic.