Thanks for joining me for the latest edition of We Are: The Guard's 10 Twitter Moments! As ever, I've spent the last week scrolling through the fastest-moving social network out there in order to bring you all of the juiciest tweets from our fave bands, artists, producers, and beyond!
After scoring another smash hit this summer with Solo, Prismo is back just in time for fall with the full-on banger Energy.”After dabbling with alternative rock his last time out, Prismo is back on his dance/electronica game with this kinetic number.
College is a highly relatable song about moving on from a relationship when one party moves away. It’s a beautiful and honest song as well as the best response to subtweeting I’ve ever seen.
Two years ago, when she was barely able to legally drive, Madi burst onto the scene with a show-stealing role in Felix Snow’s glitching pop hit Slow. The rising Los Angeles-based singer is back in a big way this month with her debut single Reprisal.
Youth is bleak. Few songs have ever captured the anguish of growing up the way GIRLI’s Young does. The angst and bombast feels earned here and you won’t mind as this song gets stuck in your head for weeks.
That's right, despite being exhausted (read: hungover) from hosting our first-ever live night at Echoplex in Los Angeles on Tuesday (spoiler: it was lit and we can't wait to do it again soon), we've still managed to find the energy to filter through the blogosphere for this week's top indie music!
With the end of the working week fast approaching, why not join me in embracing fall in all of its golden glory this Friday by checking out the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Top Chill Songs, featuring Lana Del Rey, 6LACK, Ben Howard, and more?!
We’ve got the exclusive scoop on the lineup for (Name of Festival) Music Festival. For their current year in (City), (State) they have #blessed us with an absolutely (Generically Praising Millennial Adjective) lineup. This is HUGE. YASSSSSS!!!
If Don Diablo was a hot sauce he’d be a fiery chipotle that’s got a major KICK, but is also incredibly palatable and enjoyed by absolutely everyone that’s ever enjoyed anything ever. Don Diablo would be the hot sauce of the people, the kind we’d all order slathered on everything.
Bad is a song about heartbreak; the ones that hurt the most because you don’t see it coming. “I wish you treated me bad,” Lennon Stella sings in the chorus, and of course no one ever wants to be treated like dogsh*t - but it will at least justify the hurt.