New European artist Ekat Bork has created something unique on SHAMANIA by melding genres including electronic, post punk, hip-hop, and avant-garde. Hailing from Siberia and currently residing in Switzerland (...)
Four Tet remixes the spirit of 90s rave on "Baby" featuring Ellie Goulding. When you're heavily immersed in electronic music it can be difficult to think back across the span of decades, remembering where you were - if you were there (...)
The precedent has been set. Make spine-tinglingly beautiful bass music and an artist might just unlock the keycode to potentially becoming one EDM’s major superstars. We all saw it happen with Flume (...)
Oslo's Otha crafts an anxious, stream-of-consciousness dance floor banger on "Tired and Sick." Absolutely anything can happen on the dancefloor. Everyone's got their own reasons for wanting to lose themselves in a dimly lit club (...)
New Zealand singer/songwriter/producer Baynk returns with a late-night romantic house on "Down." New Zealand's Baynk has always existed in the contradictions - bright/dark, sharp/dreamy, romantic (...)
It's that awkward time of year when I have to act like I've seen the GRAMMYs, when in reality I'm writing this on Sunday morning before the ceremony has even aired. Just know I'll only be tuning in for ROSALÍA's performance and Vampire Weekend (...)
Well, well, well. Back for more, I see. Can’t get enough from your favorite musicians? Need your weekly fix of Instagram posts to get you through the rest of January? I get it. Don’t worry. I got you. We have Ariana Grande (...)
Rina Sawayama owns, on her own terms, on "Commes Des Garcons (Like The Boys)." Ladies often have to deal with a bunch of BS to get by in this world. The deck can sometimes be stacked, pre-loaded with preconceived (...)
While winter can be a dark, difficult few months for many of us, it can also be a time for embracing all of our favorite cozy, comforting pleasures. From snuggling up in a blanket burrito, to staying in all weekend to binge on Friends, winter is a chance (...)
With that in mind … if you feel like joining me you can find me and my indie pop playlist somewhere in the middle of nowhere California far away from human existence. So while you think about joining me or not (...)
Two-time Grammy Award Winner Gregory Porter's feeling the spirit on "Revival"! Time, life, culture are all funny things sometimes. We like to think we're zooming forward in a straight line - that yesterday's sins are retreating in the rearview mirror (...)