2011's Songs That Changed Music


Yeah Yeah...everyone has their year end Best of 2011 lists.  Whoop-dee-fucking-doo.  Like that is such a mind blowing piece of journalism. Really?  Adele and Kanye/Jay-Z and Drake and The Black Keys made the best music?!  Holy shit!  I never even heard of them!

So continuing with the boycotting any "Best Of 2011" theme, our little LA Music Blog is opting for some different "end of year" perspectives.

Biggest Hyped Fails of 2011, which is in 2 parts.  You can check Pt 1 here.  Pt 2 coming later in the week. 

But what about the songs that changed 2011... and in doing so, might have changed the next decade?  Yes of course, every year there are songs you can look back, pinpoint and say..."Oh yeah...it was all about 'Song XYZ' that changed everything."

So without further ado... here is our 2011 List of Songs that we think have changed the future.


"Nightcall" Kavinsky from Drive Soundtrack

This song single handedly raised the bar for music supervisors and affirmed a trend that started recently with Trent Reznor scoring "The Social Network"... which is... weird indie electronic based music has a MEGA HUGE place in major motion pictures.  If you haven't seen the movie "Drive" ... put it on your "must see" list.  The use of Kavinsky and also College featuring Lovefoxxx were absolutely crucial to the aesthetic of "Drive." Expect to see more of this awesome use of music in feature films and the return of amazing soundtracks (circa the inseparable fusion of music and film like (polarizing references forthcoming) "Blade Runner," or "Top Gun."  


"First Of The Year" - Skrillex

Really, it could be any Skrillex song... cuz the dude is just the poster child for the explosion of dubstep in America (what? did i just write that dubstep exploded in the United States... crazy... what alternative universe do I live in?).  No matter, because obviously that is the coolest alternative universe to live in.  Skrillex changed everything and even all those old fogies at the Grammy's got out of their Lazy-Boy's and nominated him for 5 categories this year including Best New Artist. Now which one of you "other" dubstep Posers is going to step up?


"The View" - Metallica Lou & Lou Reed Collaboration (whatever the fuck the project was called).

They together ruining their iconic status at the same time.  This will be the song that managers and bands will talk about when considering a cool "collaboration" project.  "Ahh... mmm, yeah... maybe this isn't such a good idea. Remember when Lou Reed and Metallica teamed up for an album.  Oh yeah.  Let's drop our idea about the David Bowie and Anthrax studio session right the fuck now."  Darren Aronofsky, you're guilty here too.  You should have passed on making the video, bro.


"Peso" by A$AP Rocky & "Gucci Gucci" by Kreayshawn

These two songs/artists represent the last record deals of their kind.  Both of these artists were signed to major labels north of $1MM (without 1 record sold), and A$AP Cocky... I mean Rocky, has been bragging that he got a $3 Million Dollar deal.  If Kreayshawnis an indicator... then, whoever signed A$AP Rocky might be in for a harsh 2012.  Why is that? 

Because Kreayshawn couldn't even break the Top 50 on Billboard with "Gucci Gucci" and the word on our street and yours is that she's a shitty rapper... and yikers... there's no follow up single!  And there won't be one.  Oh snap there WAS one!... here it is.  Fucking horrible.  Until ASAP Rocky (yes that's right I didn't use a fucking $ sign in your name this time) actually makes a song with a real hook... he's headed toward the same record label tax right off.

Here's that Kreayshawn - 2nd Single epic fail:


Pumped Up Kicks - Foster The People

Um, does everyone know this song is about Robert Hawkins' gun toting mall shooting spree in Omaha, Nebraska?  Either way this was a song that took years to get to #3 (or what felt like years) on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.  This song is important because across the board A&R people at Major Record Labels are looking to Foster The People as the poster child for indie pop bands crossing over big time.  If you are thinking A&R people are rubbing their chin thinking,"If only WE could sign a band like Foster The People we can sell... a MILLION records"... well, you're probably right.  And on that note...


Rolling In The Deep - Adele

This song is on everyone's top list for 2011.  Whatever.  But it is an awesome song, and thanks to Hype Machine, there are way too many remixes.  Either way, like "Pumped Up Kicks," you can be sure that Adele broke the stereotype mode that (shock and awe) a muffin top loving chubby singer/songwriter would crush everything in her path in 2011.  Adele's "21" album will be looked at in years forthcoming as the album that changed record labels perspective that... "Oh yeah, great music, great voices, and great SONGS" move people and will sell records.  So enough with the next Avril Lavinge... we need to go to the bakery right now and find a chubby great singer/songwriter.  No embed here necessary since your damn song has already been played way too much.


"Paradise" - Coldplay

"Love Live Coldplay."  Because they're going to need it after releasing this wimpy carbon copy version of every Coldplay song ever written.  I guess it's ok to rip off your own music.  This song is important in 2011 as it likely marked the turning point for Coldplay and generally the "who cares" category in the "C" Rock section.  No embed here necessary since your song kinda sucks.


"Friday" - Rebecca Black

Yes I mean it.  This song changed 2011 in a HUGE way.  This song is probably the pinnacle example of the DIY movement.  I mean it!!  Think of it... anyone can literally make a song and video for a couple thousand dollars and within a couple weeks achieve global fame.  Of course, the global fame that accompanied this was the worst shit of 2011... BUT... if it can happen with something that sucks this hard, it should work just the opposite in 2012... that something is just so fucking amazingly good that overnight we are jumping in our cars and driving to Boise, Idaho to see this artist's next show.  Make no doubt... stories like Rebecca Black are the future... let's just hope that next time we get the smash and not the trash. 

Dubstep Cereal Commercial from Wheetabix

Contradicting what I just said about Skrillex being a pinnacle "turning point" artist for 2011... we can't ignore that dubstep was just used prominently in UK kids cereal Wheatabix.  I don't know about you, but when a new art form from the underground lands itself in a kiddie cereal commercial, you have to wonder if that trend has "Jumped The Shark." Hmm....


Jay Z & Kanye West "Who Gon Stop Me" sampling "I Can't Stop" by Flux Pavillion

Yes, Kanye and Jay-Z sampled dubstep artist Flux Pavillion on the amazing and incredible "Watch The Throne" project.  So, if Kanye and Jay-Z lead the creative pack of rappers (and they do)... you can bet or expect to hear more adventurous genre bending beats coming in 2012.  Who will it be?  Sure, you have Clams Casino up on deck as the producer behind the much hyped A$AP Rocky... that's interesting... but look, expect to hear some unknown / off genre producer behind the next big hip hop artist. 

If you're a hip hop mogul, I'd seriously be looking into North Hollywood based Freescha (the best unknown electronic artist on the planet).  Or maybe Bassnectar / Glitch Mob.  Those would be my picks.


Usher "Without You"

Usher showed us in 2011 that even if you were once a cool urban street credible artist... that now you must make disco music to be on the charts.  You see, I think every decade has a "sound."  And the period from 2011-2020 is likely going to be electronic / dance music.  That might be a great thing... but only if we keep David Guetta and Will I Am out of the recording studios.

Last but not least.  It pains to me to say this album changed the future of music... and not a good way.  Because I'm a mega fan.  Oh BJ....


Any Song from Bjork's last album except "Cosmogony"

Ms. BJ showed us in 2011 that no one fucking cares about App albums!!... or music that you need a full musical degree and masters to understand.  How did Bjork do on sales for her last album?  Ouch.  Total sales U.S. about 30,000.  Unfortunately BJ made our 2011 Posers list for "Most Hyped Fails."  Bjork, you know what we would all love? How about another "Debut," or "Post"... something mega intelligent but something we can all sing (and maybe even dance to!) instead of getting a course lecture in atonal studies, you know?

OK, I gotta run... I haven't had coffee yet so buttoning this up.

In conclusion, 2011 presented some turning points for music. Let's look forward to seeing who's going to mix it up in 2012.  Maybe it will even be you (but probably not).

What do you think? 

Are we on point... or total dicks?!

What did we miss?

What should be added?

Comment below and lets start the dialogue. 


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