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Okay, so we love your first three articles, but where’s the real underground music? Stuff you don’t see on every other major music festival lineup? Where's the House and Funk and Future and Bass Music that I can DISCOVER so I can find myself this weekend and realize that Coachella isn’t the place for me anymore? That it’s time to graduate from four-quadrant music festivals to something I can REALLY find myself at. Welcome to The Do Lab. 

Sure, last year The Do Lab brought in surprise performances from Bonobo and Thomas Jack (and planned ones from Kaskade Redux and Skrillex b2b Mija that blew out of hype-proportion before they could even start). But this year the lineup is so stacked, they don’t even need surprises. This is going to be the best stage. It seems like every year a new batch of people, with great taste and great attitudes, find their way to the Do Lab for the first time and never leave the whole weekend long. The next year they spread their wings to Lightning in a Bottle, Sonic Bloom or Shambhala and are never the same again. For me the artist with the funky goodness OPIUO in 2014. Let’s hope one of these artists does it for you.



ARDALAN [Weekend 2]

I’ve been preaching the word of the Dirtybird on this blog since day one. Claude VonStroke got to play the Sahara Tent last year and this year the honor goes to Justin Martin, but over on the Do Lab Ardlana (Justin Martin’s ROOMATE) is going to be bringing the real heat. His quirky bass-house is unlike any other and this is sure to be one of the best parties all weekend long.


AUTOGRAF [Weekend 2]

Honestly, we probably a post new Autograf song on here every week, so if you haven’t been paying attention to those, how about now that they are on the Coachella lineup? Does this do it for you? These guys make some of the best, cleanest, freshest (tropical?) vibe house music, every goddamn time.


BIG WILD [Weekend 1]

Future became a genre of its own. Future-Bass, Future-House, anything that’s got that white noise bumping bass sound…. A lot of it tends to sound derivative, like Flume knockoff Jrs… I know. But not BIG WILD. This shit is brand spanking new, fresh to death, inventive future. 


EVERYMAN [Weekend 1]

I was at Serenity Gathering (an even deeper hippie festival, see) a couple of years ago and I heard someone playing all these funky house hiphop tracks deep in the woods. So I followed deeper and deeper into the campsites to find a renegade camp stage where Everyman was spinning all these fire tunes. I’ve been a fan and friend ever since— from campsite vibes to do lab primetime. This will be one of those beautiful Do Lab sets where you’ll be grateful for the dose of Vitamin D. Not to mention he’s an amazing rapper, dropping positive rhymes over all his tracks.


GHASTLY [Weekend 1]

This is going to be one of the most vicious party sets of the entire weekend. Ghastly has been dropping the sickest dubstep-bass house tunes all over the place and it’s nice to see him get to bring some sick special shit to the Polo Grounds. If you like bass genre, get your ass over to The Do Lab for this one.



Breaks never went away, they just stayed in the underground. So mad props to Coachella for ripping not one but TWO breaks acts… DJ EZ on the main lineup and Stanton Warriors on The Do Lab. Make sure to get your RFID tracked over to the Do Lab for this one so Coachella can see how many people want to funk around with the rip-roaringest party genre there is. Always changing, always partying.



Bounce to that Heavy Metal Shit. Do you want to know what’s going on in Bass Music? Well then look no further that Stylust Beats. This is Trap music for people who have actual taste. Collaborations with Bassnectar on the books. If that ain’t vouch worthy then I don’t know what to say.



I’m telling ya, all the good shit is at the Do Lab. Sweater Beats has got the cleanest, freshest, sexiest beats in hiphop/future/trap right now. This isn’t his first year on the Do Lab stage at Coachella, so you know they aren’t messing around with this. Don’t miss out on another year of one of the best artists out there.



The funkiest act in the world got booked at Coachella, and The Funk Hunters are going to be the absolute best party Coachella has ever seen. British Columbia Shambhala vibes coming down to America, to funk shit up. Man, I almost want to buy a ticket just to see my boys bring funk to America. 


WAVE RACER [Weekend 1]

A little bit Cashmere Cat, a little bit Flume— This Aussie has got one of the most original sounds out there. He’s non-stop silliness and 8-bit sounds. His music is the companion to a million 90’s video games that don’t exist. I just saw him out here in Denver and it was 90 minutes of bouncy fun. If you like smiling, this is one for you.


Coachella really levels up with the Do Lab lineup. Check out all the artists on this lineup (for both weekend 1&2 and get jealous of the other weekend's amazing artists). Mad props to the best stage at the festival for bringing the true underground vibes. Go to this more this year, it’ll change your life.


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