2016 Best of Small Print Coachella - Friday

Well, it’s April which means that Coachella is right around the corner, and oh Lordy is it stacked this year (but let’s be honest, when isn’t it?). The reigning hipster king of the music festival-verse is bursting at the seams with all tiers of the hottest talent this side of the sun. You could do ‘chella (as the kids are calling it) one of two ways. You COULD roll in around 7PM just to roll in late and see the massive headliners, classic acts and radio players you doled out all that money for, or you can show at 11AM and delve into amazing underground artists out there today and still get all the headliners, legends and kcrw darlings you can handle. 

But I don't know any of the small print acts!? Well, you've come to the right place. Welcome to the first of a four part piece (because you just can't leave out the Do Lab) on smaller print / underground artists you may not have heard of and should probably start paying attention to. This is about to pop off next week, after all.



Nora En Pure’s Morning Dew may be the deep house anthem of your 2015 and you didn’t even know it. This song has snuck its way into the collective unconscious and may never let go. It’s catchy, it’s fun, it’s deep as all hell. This South African producer may be the hottest thing deep house has to offer right now, so you better make sure to swoon and twirl to this under the hot sun with her before you’re regretting having missed her.



This banging aussie bounce, techno trap from Nina Las Vegas is just one little corner you should expect from this bae down under when she plays that early Sahara slot on Friday afternoon. She’s going to blow the roof off the place before Coachella even starts.



Pre-EDM boom, these dudes were heralded darlings of the indie dance blog house era. Good thing for you their music hasn’t changed all that much, the world just has around them. To quote Weezer, “The World Has Turned and Left Me Here.” This is the perfect set to groove with your girl to while you wait for the next act to start on the Mojave stage. I imagine more people will be pleasantly surprised by this set. 



Groove-riddled electronica with beautiful female vocals. We could be looking at the emergence of the new XX right now. HAELOS is certainly the biggest surprise I’ve come across on the lineup so far. Let’s just hope their live set is as enchanting as their first couple of singles are. Somebody let me know, okay?



When God invented future sex r&b he certainly had Gallant in mind. What we’ve got here is the middle ground between Frank Ocean and Flume, so you best not forget to get to this one early. Just like both those other artists, this one is gonna fill up way too small of a tent.



Not gonna mince words. DJ EZ is the shit and you’re a moron if you miss him if you happen to like music and having fun and dancing. Fool has been playing Breaks and Garage for 20 years and he’s the king of his craft. Need proof? Well I think his three and a half boiler room set SURELY speaks for itself.



If you like clean, groovy house music then you can’t go wrong with George Fitzgerald. I’m honestly surprised he’s not higher up on the poster. In the UK & Europe, this fool would be considered top tier talent. Well, we’re America, we don’t know shit, we’re about to vote Trump as President. This is surefire can’t miss Yuma house music. 



Sometimes Coachella gets it really really right. You know when an artist is right about to blow up, but the rest of the world doesn't know it yet (and sometimes they don't *COUGH JUSTIN MARTIN*). This is right on that groovy future house line that's blowing up right now, but Louis The Child has got the freshest version of it out there right now. Their stuff is simple and fun and goddamnit if it doesn't just make you smile. I have no idea where or when this will be, but pay attention when the schedule drops so you do.



If you know me or read my articles on the regular you may notice that I'm not the biggest fan of this new tropical house movement. But two years later, it's still around and booming and Sam Feldt may just so happen to be one of the only producers out there who's any good at it. After Thomas Jack and Kygo were two of last year's most talked about acts, maybe it's proof that Trop is here to stay. You best make it to this one and make sure to dance your ass off with a smile plastered across your face for the whole world to see. This is the kind of set Coachella is made for.



Skepta is bringing Grime to the world. Don't know what Grime is? It's an incredibly specific breed of UK hip-hop production that sometimes it feels like only Skepta is representing. If you wanna see something brand spanking new to America and fresh as hell? Don't miss Skepta. This is probably the most interesting hip-hop on the entire lineup.


Well, I hope we piqued you interest on these artists? Anyone specific jump out? Anyone you got to see? Anyone we missed?! Coachella is exciting as hell. See these acts, or not, just have fun. YAY!


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