2016 Coachella Small Print - Saturday

Welcome back to part two of our four part column on the hottest, sexiest, most-baddassiest artists (that also come in small print only) from the Coachella Poster. Like good music, but don’t feel like digging on your own lately? Hear you friends discussing your favorite artists but you’ve only heard of Guns N Roses? Just like music of all shapes and sizes? Let’s Party!

Coachella is right around the corner and boy oh boy is it stacked this year. Make sure to show up early and discover amazing acts you didn’t even know existed (more specifically the ones I’m about to tell you about). That’s what Coachella is for! To make you the walking music encyclopedia you deserve to be. 

NEXT WEEK! I bet you can’t wait, can you?




I’m certainly no expert on this lineup, but it’s super easy to hop on Spotify and listen to someone’s playlist, especially when you aren’t going and don’t have to worry about set time conflicts. So I’m really pumped to have discovered Phases mere minutes ago. Doesn’t mean they aren’t worth a serious listen. Phases are a straight up 80’s / early 2000’s throwback, incorporating aspects of new-wave, funk and even photo dance acts like junior senior. Watch it here now, they’ll be MUCH higher billed next year.



My Gangsta Boos right here. This Parisian duo basically invented G-House that artists like Destructo and Shiba San helped explode in America. Though no set they have ever done has lived up to their Hard Day of the Dead 2013 mixtape (above), they deliver juuuust the right combo of hip-hop in their house. This is for all my house-heads who like to zone out in the Yuma. These brothers are gonna do you right, promise you that.



Forget everything I ever say about exaggerated deepness. This is deepness. This is the dope deepness. dopeness. This is the kind of techno/house/fuck, I don’t know music you get lost in a deep dark whole too. I didn’t know Coachella was as badass/progressive to book shit like this anymore. Mad Props, Chellheads. Now go out and see this one, make Chella realize you want stuff like this.



Music is always exciting to me when it’s uncategorizeable. I hope you feel that same way. I hope that’s why you’re partially excited (at least) for the genre bendre that is Coacheeezy. GoGo Penguin bills himself as ‘Jazz’ but I consider it somewhere more along the lines of minimal tech beats and live jazz instrumental fusion. This feels like a calm, non aggressive flying lotus making beautiful for beautiful people. Hey, that’s the people at Coachella!



The fact that I’m including Dubfire on this list is quite a surprise. In the world of techno parties and major raves, Dubfire is a headliner. He’ll nearly close out the Neon Garden at Electric Daisy Carnival. But you do you Coachella, and peeps that may not get this deep dark into the world of techno on the reg, go try it out. Maybe I’ll see ya at Movement next year.



Maybe two years ago I would have been posting Hippie Sabotage under the same general idea. Babe with a beautiful voice, singing on huge dance music productions with a handful for originals, about to blow the fuck up with a shot of her own. Worked for Hippie Sabotage, I’m sure it will for Zella Day too.



Woah, real genuine dancehall Kingston Jamaica reggae on the lineup? Did anyone tell Major Lazer? I’m sure Diplo is going to be backstage watching this one (if he can manage to wake up that early). Some major talent stored in these tracks. I know Reggae has a warm place in the heart of most SoCal boys. Let’s hope they come out and vibe to this one.



if you don’t know about SOPHIE yet, you must not read BitCandy very often. We’ve been on the sideline of this bubble-pop-freak out curiosity since day one (and yes, we were at his Los Globos show in the room of 30 people way back when #specialtimes). It’s really rewarding to see your passions make their way up the ladder. Bring your most straight laced friends to this one and watch them have a panic attack.



Who’s the most inventive hip-hop producer out there today? Easy, CARMACK. This dude brings the heat to every set, every production, every feature. This guys got more talent in his left pinky than the entire rest of the beats making community has in their whole hand (so only a little). If you like hip-hop and/or beats don’t miss out on whats sure to be something quite special.



Oh nothing, just live instrumental jazz hip-hop. That’s something you get to see everyday, right? Or no, isn’t that exactly the kind of shit you dream of seeing at a place like Coachella. They’re like a hipster version of the Roots without a vocalist. But then again with features from Tyler the Creator, Danny Brown, Frank Ocean, Earl Sweatshirt and Ghostface Killah who knows who may show up.


How about now? You ready to party? Got your tent tagged and bagged in your car already? Carpoolchella drawn all up on that bitch. Well I hope I helped ease your pain (I also hope I made it worse).

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