2016 Coachella Sunday

Okay so let’s hope you made it through days one and two and still have the energy to make it through day three with a smile on your face and pep in your step. You can shower tomorrow. Final stretch. Sundays are always the hardest day of the festival, so here are ten hot new lesser known artists to help get you through. I know you probably already know about a bunch of these, but do your friends? Do THEIR friends? It’s our job to share the wealth and make this the best Coachella possible for all 75,000 people. Can you help me do that? Let’s start here.

This is Part Three of our four part column on small print artists from the Coachella poster. We’re gonna educate you up so you can go in guns blazing and make this year your BITCH.





NIGHT BASSSSS! If you live in LA and fuck around with Dance Music (at all) than you’ve got to know about Night Bass. This is easily LA’s hottest monthly party and it’s all because of AC Slater. That entire Bass-House movement blowing up can be attributed to this one dude. If you like to rave, this is THE SPOT. I know Sunday is a tough day to show up early, but I promise you won’t regret this one. Also helps that AC is OG. Playing in the “The Dome” way back in 2009. Shit, remember the Dome?



These guys are going to fill your Yuma deep house quotient for day three, promise you that. These guys will vibe you out straight until Monday. Dipping their toes in with the Desert Hearts family, and running deep with Crosstown Rebels. These guys are as vouched for as you can get. Now just go see for yourself.



Coachella prides itself on breaking indie bands from Los Angeles. The band may not be big enough to make a mark globally yet, but it’s cool that they think local (even though they are major global). I can’t think of a band in the past years of any lineup that deserves it more than De Lux. Funky, Disco, New Wave goodness. Come party at this set, sure it’ll be early. But it’ll also be hot in your tent so put down that fifth beer and go get some goddamn lunch.



These may be some of the funkiest white boys you ever come across in your entire life. They play long deep, funky house sets, and it doesn’t hurt that they are also from my hometown of Boston, Massachusetts. I’m sure their set won’t be nearly long enough (four hours? six?), but at least you’ll get a taste of what they have to offer and be HOOKED.



What other festival offers up so much dark, shoegazey indie-electro pop? Ten Shi is the perfect Coachella act rolled into one Coachella burrito. If you like all kinds of music and you like them done very well, than you’ve come to the right place, now just to make it to the right set…




When I asked my friend Matt (who’s quite the Coachella guru) for recommendations on artists that John Q. American Public may have not heard of yet, he jumped very, very quickly to Young Fathers. This bizarre Algerian rock band has got a lot to offer, experimenting with new sounds and ideas— just the kind of act that’s perfect for Indio’s alt elite. I’m sure this is where the hipsters and indie rock freaks will be in spades this weekend. Gotta have mad love for a band like this at a place like this. It’s like literally exactly where they belong.  Summer sun, let’s have some fun.



The Vandals should not be this low on the poster. They are SoCal ska/punk legends and should be treated with the respect of the third or fourth line AT LEAST. That being said, go see some old men absolutely crush some of the silliest, stupidest pop-punk songs ever committed to recorded device.



Nosaj Thing may be low on the poster, but he’s definitely something special. Beautiful minimal, complicated electronica with well orchestrated matching live production. If you want to see something strange and stunning and challenging, then make sure to make your way to Nosaj Thing.  I’ve got a strong feeling this will close out one of the smaller tents and your freakier friends will flock to it like the freaks they are.



Remember when Chance The Rapper came on the scene and the whole music world seemed to stop because where the hell did this unbelievably fresh and well-defined voice come from and change the hip-hop game for the better? Well, yeah 2016’s got Anderson.Paak. Dude has got so much talent booming out of him. Get ready to see one of his first major performances. If he half lives up to my expectations, it will STILL be the #1 don’t miss set of the weekend.



Despacio all weekend long, huh? What does that mean? Despacio isn’t an artist, it’s rather an absolutely gigantic 50,000-watt, 8-stack, Hi-Fi vinyl-only soundsystem created by James Murphy and 2ManyDJs. Some people think that this is the soundsystem for the YUMA, personally I think it’s going to be its own little tiny stage. Considering the only people have played on the system are James Murphy and the two Dewaele Brothers from 2ManyDJs, maybe it’ll just be non-stop vinyl disco records on a rare and meticulously created system. OR WHO KNOWS?! But aren’t you curious now?


Was it worth it? Did you have the best time ever? Memories to last a lifetime? Some of the greatest sets you’ve ever seen in your entire life. I hope you saw something new, dove into the weirder, less popular artists than just seeing Zedd six or seven times over the weekend!


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