6 Instagram Moments

Oh hey there! Glad to see you are back for more of our adventures of invasion of privacy, I mean Instagram moments. This past week we spent our free time scrolling through our feed looking for “aww” moments from our favorite hip-hop artists. We do this in large part for you, but it’s really for our own entertainment. We’d rather sit in front of our screens with a cold PBR in hand than spend quality time at the beach or whatever it is people do. Adulting is so overrated, besides, it turns out you learn a lot from Instagram life. Follow along as we take a break from our own life and check out what others are doing with theirs.



It’s great to see Nicki embracing the hate she’s been getting. As they say, “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger,” and by the looks of it, Nicki is ready to do some major damage in the ring. Seems like a big ol’ K.O. is coming to all those who’ve clawed at her. My inner self is hoping Nicki will be dropping a killer single.



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Cardi B is so freaking precious, her video of her yelling at her bea to wake the eff up is so relatable to me in my life, except that I was the one being yelled at by my mom to wake up because I was late for school. #memories



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@hyfr_jalaah you really a whole baby in this

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Aww, how cute! This seems to be Drake pre-Degrassi days. If only Drake was this young today because if he were he wouldn’t be judged so hard for talking Stranger Things actress Mille (a.k.a. Eleven). But that ain’t none of my business *sips tea.*



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talked about it...now BINGE EP at midnight.

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Machine Gun Kelly is cool and all but he needs to recognize compliments when they come his way. Yes people, if Eminem disses you it is a compliment. Yes, your name, your fame will be 10 times bigger than before Eminem poked at your furry looking man bun. Just say thank you and accept your 15 minutes of fame. Sheesh, I wish Eminem through shade my way.


E - 40

If you haven’t seen this Noisey interview with E - 40, I suggest you stay in tonight and stream it on Viceland. E - 40 gives the scoop on how he’s been able to stay in the game for nearly 3 decades. As one of the most consistent and solid rappers of our time, this interview is a must watch.



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Congrats Tiger #FaShizzle !

A post shared by Big Boi (@bigboi) on Sep 20, 2018 at 1:34pm PDT

No, this isn’t an SNL comedy skit, this is Big Boi being a fan boi. Look at his smile though, he’s stoked like a kid opening up presents on Christmas morning.Yeah Tiger Woods was cool and all but c’mon it’s Tiger Woods, I’d be gushing over some other golfer with a better rep. Anyways ... #becool



88 rising’s Joji is riding this high real good as he should be. It should be no surprise that people are loving him after his latest fiery tracks like “Slow Dancing In The Dark.” The man’s bringing together people with his laid back rNb melodies and dreamy gaze. Kudos to him.

That’s all for today, but don’t you worry, we’re already working on another Instagram post. Enjoy and if you have any good tips let us know!


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