BitCandy Rating: 7.2

All Things Lost is the moniker for a currently unknown 19 year old producer out of Brisbane, Australia. Unknown is italicized there because whomever this dude is has yet to give up his real name. Also, even if we had this dude's name, you still wouldn't know who the f**k he is.

Anyways, All Things Lost got into the spirit of giving this week by giving away his least release, Lights EP, for free. Pretty kickass move, but is it any good?

Find out for yourself by streaming the whole thing below. Then stick around for what are sure to be the defining words written about this album.



Throughout the Lights EP, All Things Lost shows off his impressive skills in creating some of the most listenable electro-ambient soundscapes heard on any continent. With a truly unique blend of sounds and styles, this record never bores while being an incredibly relaxing listening experience.

"It's dark outside, but I stay home," the opening lines of album opener "Bone," set the tone for the rest of EP. This is music for staying in. 'Chill' has been used with such abundance that it's become one of the most annoying and meaningless word in all the English language, and yet it perfectly describes this music. This is definitely some lofi chill wave. Why are all the best chill wave bands from Australia? That's a question that seems to answer itself.

Lights closes on a strong note, with "Forlorn" and the closer/title-track being the best cuts on the EP. (NOTE: Best means nothing more than my favorite.) "Lights" especially finds whomever this homeboy is sounding like fellow Aussie RY X with his on point falsetto.

The long and short of it is this: the Lights EP is a wonderful thing to get lost in.

Download it for free on the above widget, or on the All Things Lost bandcamp.


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