Amanda Palmer Shows Full Tittay in New Vid


Amanda Palmer & The Grand Them Orchestra Show's "Do It Like A Rock Star" is today's latest new song.  Especially with the very important point that Amanda (I don't own an armpit razor) Palmer shows full uncensored b00bage on YouTube.  This won't last for long...unless all you NSFW idiots start flagging it.  And I know if you're a BitCandy reader you're not an idiot.  

So here it is.   Great video besides that previously mentioned point.   FYI - Things get saucey and nasty around 5:32. 

Maybe that will be one of the next levels of Amanda Palmer's KickStarter project.  For $1000 you get the signed album and get to lick her up.  

What do you think?  Did Amanda go overboard in this video? 

Would you do it with Amanda Palmer?

Which indie babe or hunk is on your wish list?