Best New Tracks: Ásgeir "Torrent"


For a country roughly the size of St. Louis, Iceland sure has a wealth of musical talent. Their latest export, Ásgeir is the purveyor of cool songs like "Torrent." Ásgeir is barely 21 years old and is already an overnight sensation in his own country. Sounding to my untrained ear like the lovechild of Bon Iver and Iceland demigods Sigur Rós, it's easy to see what all the fuss is about.

"Torrent" is a pristine piece of Indie Pop that most artists spend their whole careers trying to write. Ásgeir did it before he could legally drink in the United States. The tracks is driven by some Justin Vernon-esque keyes, while the precessions mimic a military pre-battle beat. This combination, along with Ásgeir's soothing voice, make for one of the best songs you'll hear all month, regardless of the the country of origin. 

Listen to Ásgeir "Torrent" below:

Ásgeir debut album Dyrd I Daudathogn, which roughly translates to 'Glory in the silence of death,' is wisely being renamed In the Silence for UK and North American audiences and will be out October 28th. Former The Czars frontman and current Iceland resident John Grant helped the wunderkind on the English translation and is one of the sole reasons we are now hearing Ásgeir music. So thanks John Grant.

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