Judging people based on their looks is an unfortunate reflex that I have, and let me just say that brand spanking new Brooklyn-via-Claremont, California crooner Ayer has the look of someone who tried to get the most Brooklyn haircut they possibly could. Having said that, you should never judge a book by its cover and Ayer's debut single, "Circle Down," is a best new track.

In Spanish Ayer means yesterday; one suspects that Cali-native Danny Schmittler knew this when he chose his moniker. In many ways, "Circle Down" is a throwback. The perpetually underrated Micky Valen, last seen working with Bitcandy's New Artist Find Noosa, produced the track.

"Circle Down" is a synth-based electronic tour de force. Schmittler's pristine falsetto floats effortlessly above the beat. The chorus recalls contemporary acts like Rhye along with canonized ones like The Bee Gees.

Where Ayer goes from here is anyone's guess, but he comes out of the gates demanding to be heard. And he makes good on this demand. Find out for yourself below.



You can download Ayer "Circle Down" for free over on Ayer's soundcloud. A debut EP is said to be forthcoming this winter, so be on the ready for that.

Thanks for stopping by BitCandy, where we never know when it's time to circle down.