How well do you the person you’re closest to in this life? How well do you even know yourself? These are the question the existential mind can spend many a sleepless night pondering.

It’s also these types of questions that are at the heart of the latest game show taking the music world and Internet alike by storm: Bandlyweds.

Those of you who grew up in the era of streaming and not syndication may be unfamiliar with this style of question-and-answer affairs. You see kids, before we had infinite entertainment options at our fingertips at all times, we had to watch whatever was on television, even the commercials.

Shows like The Newlywed Game, which power couple Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas recently did a rendition of for Vogue, were a godsend during this time as they offered up some unparalleled voyeurism in those archaic, pre-internet days. 

And since in the sunset of dissolution everything is illuminated by the aura of nostalgia, we figured why not update this concept but do it with bands, since their relationships are more intimate than most these days.

Our first contestants are New York electro pop duo Overcoats. If you’re already familiar with this musical power couple, watch the clip below to find out about Hana and JJ’s dream husbands, fattest body part, embarrassing pickup stories, worst show they’ve ever played, and much, much more.

(For those who need one, we’ve got a primer on all things Overcoats after the video.)

Hana Elion and JJ Mitchell both had international cosmopolitan upbringings before they met at Wesleyan University in the earlier part of this decade. They quickly connected over a shared love of diverse music. The pair told Seven Days that hearing each other sing for the first time was an “epiphany, with the harmony of their combined voices leading to personal and individual discoveries."

They started putting out music together in 2015, before a series of events led them to working with producer Nicolas Vernhes (Daughter, The War On Drugs, Dirty Projectors) and experimental R&B artist Autre Ne Veut to fuse the genre-bending electro-folk-soul hybrid they’re operating with today.



Overcoats debut LP YOUNG was one of the most underrated records of 2017. Drawing from a multitude of influences, Hana and JJ have crafted a truly unique sound that recalls the likes of Sylvan Esso, Mountain Man, Lucius, and Rostam.

Their music is well worth your time so be sure to check them out. And their appearance on Bandlyweds has the incredibly high stakes of ‘loser does five push-ups in the airport’, so you’re cheating yourself if you don’t watch this intense, real-life drama.



Thanks for watching and be sure to keep your eyes peeled for the next installment of Bandlyweds.