Bee Gees "Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix)"


Despite making one of the most important albums of the 70's, the Bee Gees have been unfairly branded as kitsch. It's probably the falsetto.  Los Angeles based Swedish duo Forever Kid aim to change at least some of these perceptions with their kickass remix of the brothers Gibb #1 single "Tragedy." This is the point where I should mention "Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix)" is a best new track  and should probably be soundtracking whatever it is you're doing this weekend.

It should also be noted that one of the members of Forever Kid wears a Daft Punk-ian mask, because of course he (she?) does. In their own words, they sum up their edit  of "Tragedy" as a 'funky dance house remix.' I'm certainly not going to do any better than that, so let's get right to it.

Listen to Bee Gees "Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix)"  below:

And now the original. Hear Bee Gees "Tragedy" below, if you're into juxtaposition and shit like that:

If you can't download (FOR FREE!!!) Bee Gees "Tragedy (Forever Kid Remix)" on the above widget, head over to Forever Kid's soundcloud page and pick it up (also at no charge to you, save for a mouse click or two). We don't know what these cats have on deck, but we look forward to finding out. If you do have any foresight into what Forever Kid is getting into next, let us know.

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