Best Alternative Pop Songs - Week 6 2013

Best of Indie Pop

This will be the last time I speak of Beyonce (no it won’t) in a Popkiller post, but did ya’ll see her concert this past Sunday? Between the strip tease and the booty shaking I doubt anyone was paying attention to her vocals. Take note all young understudies, sex sells! Fav part was when her minions (Kelly + Michelle) popped out from the basement. Oooh,  I smell a reunion coming.

You know what else I smell? I smell some fresh poptastic tracks that will have you poppin your booty and whipping your weave back and forth. So grab your pole bitches it’s time to tear it up with some SuperPop (alternative pop)!

twenty | one | pilots - Live Stuff

I've said it like in 4 different posts on this site and also spinning on our free online radio...twenty | one | pilots are going to be "the" fun. success story of 2013.  Check this video.  Does this not want you to jump on a plane to wherever to see a show?  I'm in! "Scream & Shout" Remix ft. Britney Spears, Hit-Boy, Waka Flocka Flame, Lil Wayne & Diddy

Here I was ready to really bust a move, but cancel that. This is WiLL.I.WAS’ attempt at world pop domination?!  Ha, maybe in Mars, but not here!  Now on to some GREAT tracks...


A$AP Rocky - Fucking Problem Feat. Drake, 2 Chainz & Kendrick Lamar

You know what my f****ing problem is: I saw the video and it doesn’t live up to the song. Pretty wack and lame, but give the audio a listen, I can’t stop singing the hook! I rarely get excited about an entire album releases, but this is so golden!


Tegan & Sara - Now I'm All Messed Up

This is one of the better songs on T&S’s latest album (sorry for the lack of embed no thanks to Tegan & Sara's label).  Blah. Check out our full review of Heartthrob here.


LMAFO vs PSY - Sexy Style

It had to be done and the Flipboitamidies (really that's your name? good luck with spell check!) mashup team did an excellent fun party booty shaking jam here.  Will Psy have a follow up as good?  I have a hunch he's going to deliver.  Damn, need to start learning Korean.  


INXS - New Sensation - Live from Wembley (1991)

Yeah part of what we do at BitCandy is remember and champion the great songs and videos that could have otherwise gotten lost in the internet ether.  Check out INXS live at their peak!   Popkiller.  


Viceroy - Dream Of Bombay (Feat Chela)

Oh shit, turn it up! Viceroy brings us a taste of Bombay gin. That’s what the song is about, right? If it’s not, it should be. Such sweet single makes my pole all wet. I’m sure twiddle knobbers will be coming out with remixes, but will they be as good as this?


BASTILLE - What Would You Do? (City High Cover)

Here’s a little fact: "What Would You Do?" was nominated for a Grammy in 2001. 10 years later Bastille comes out with a beautiful rendition of the track, quite genius I may say. Such a sad song...hmmm...putting my stripper pole away now.


omgRUBY - Heart Attack [Promoted] 

New to our charts is R&B singer omgRuby from Brooklyn. She officially released her first solo album, Entermission, a couple of weeks ago. For more tunes and free downloads from the latin singstress, head on over to


Well, looks like we’ve come to the end. What? Were you expecting more? Well, sorry my luvs. I’d rather cut it short and sweet than give you something that stinks like ass. As always, we here at BitCandy are always looking out for ya. Aren’t we awesome! If you like what you heard, give us a shout out below or on our Facebook! See ya next week bitches :).

Spock comment provided by one of our Facebook friends Aaron Kakashimoto Bailey who works at the Ninja Assasin College of Kicking Ass.  Word up!