Best Alternative Pop - Week 12, 2013

Best of Indie Pop

Hello pop-tarts! I thought Wednesday would never come. My gwad the pickings for fantasic alternative pop / indie pop / hip hop worthy music were slim this week. We thought for sure people would be stepping up their game after SXSW, but we was wrong. OMGEEE Wat the eff is happening? But no need for me to bitch too much about the matter, all is good for now cuz once again BitCandy has pulled out the best tracks of what the blogosphere has to offer. Yes, we should be proud of ourselves for achieving the impossible. I hope your earz are ready for some legit pop that will make you say, “OOh baby, baby, gimme more.”


Beyonce - Bow Down / I Been On

We’re still on the fence on this one, you guyz. My sweet queen has stepped into the dark side with some crazy octave shit on her vocal. Beyonce is messing with me. Wat the eff is she tryin to prove?  Thanks for "Halo" and "Crazy In Love" etc.


Duke Dumont feat. A*M*E - Need U (100%) (Official Video)

Yeah this video is 1 month old. Bite us! But since we are here in America it took us a second for this pop gem from A*M*E to make it our way. Yes the concept here is a dude with a surgically implanted boom box.


2 Chainz - Crack

Talk about catching a vibe in a recording. This is the street all day long. And another thing's for sure...this guy’s got CRACK!


Polly Scattergood - Wanderlust - Charli XCX Remix

Most blogs would put this in their “indie” section. Not us! This is OUR kind of Pop! The day I was introduced to Charlie XCX is the day I learned that my mind can be blown, even if she does perform “karate chop moves” while performing live. This is what would perfectly be described as ethereal grunge pop.



In the latest Will.I.Am jam, it’s another song I immediately hate and that probably 4 weeks later will be broken into liking. In this new disposable pop confection, William suggests “Haters Hate on me Cuz They Can’t Do What I Can.” Actually - Haters Hate on you because you’re over 40 and still make these SUCK songs (at least for the first 4 weeks until the illuminati force me to enjoy it through subsonic frequency’s the only possible explanation).


Murray Head - One Night In Bangkok

Oh, only one of my favorite jams of all time here from the 80s. If you couldn’t get enough of Abba (Björn Ulvaeus and Benny Anderson), your second best bet was to absorb yourself in the brilliant Chess Soundtrack, made by those 2 geniuses. (Yes, we are ABBA fans at BitCandy). The lead (and only) single from the project was this tasty treat from Murray Head with rappy clever lyrics that are hmm...even hip hop worthy.


Homeboy Sandman - Survival of the Freshest / Snap Judgment, "Making It Work"

Not our usual thing here, but this is really a great track. Listen to the whole story about how a rapper five months late on his rent won an epic rap battle for prize money. Awesome...loving Homeboy Sandman. He’s the new fucking Garrison Keillor of hip hop (a reference I’m sure no one here will get).


Jetta - Start A Riot

Are we bringing the next Emile Sande to you on a silver platter here? Hmm...maybe even platinum. We’ll have to see.


C2C - Happy feat. Derek Martin

Whoa hello there, gospel turntableism --- sure why not? Put this on for your Sunday. Taken from the French DJ's first official album, "Happy" will have you jumping and rattling.


And just like, that we’ve come to the end of this post. Hopefully by next week people will have gotten their shit together. As for you guyz, if you know of any good tracks that you think should be featured on any of our weekly posts, let us know down below, or better yet, visit us at our Facebook page. See ya all next week!