Best of PopKiller - Week 29 (9 NewTracks) 2012



Miley Cyrus, One Direction, Justin Bieber, Victorious, Miranda Cosgrove, The Wanted...all the popstars you would come to expect here at BitCandy’s best new pop PopKiller column.  Right?   Oh so fucking Wrong!!! let’s kill some crappy pop fodder and switch over to PopKiller...I mean...let’s get back to when pop was cool...original...edgy...intelligent and yes, even credible (we’re talking Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, Talking Heads, Blondie etc).  


Thus we bring this weeks installment of the best alternative and cool new pop we’ve found on the net.  Let’s kick it off.


No Doubt - Settle Down



The return of No Doubt!  Holy Christ...I didn’t think this would ever happen!  Usually when a lead singer goes their own way...they never return...I mean why split all the dough up 4 ways?   But Gwen is a real rock star...seeing her in this video just feels “right” and she returns here in fine damn sexy form.


The Lumineers - Stubborn Love 



The next single from our favorite band, The Lumineers.  How much do we love them?  Um, we only wrote about them a year ago here.   If you haven’t heard the entire Lumineers album...get it now...we predict they could make it in a Grammy Best New Artist of the Year category (that is if their indie label Dualtone has enough lobbying power...yeah, unfortunately...that’s how it works).  


MVSCLES - Sweet N Sour



One of our listeners, Natalie turned us on to this great track and band from the lyric suggest...”Whoo...whoo....”


The Killers - Runaway



Ok so The Killers continue to write the same song over and over again...they’re still good songs none the less,


Bloc Party - Octopus



Just like Gwen coming back to No Doubt...Kele’s back with Bloc Party...ahh reunited and it feels so good yada yada yada.  


Green Day - Oh Love 



You know these guys are coming out with 3 albums this year?  Everything’s gotta be epic after all their Broadway stuff...fine by me!


Muse - Survival


What crazy fucked up world do we live in when the Olympic committee has better taste and edge than the Grammy’s?   And don’t forget when they called upon EDM before it was cool (at least in the U.S.) with Tiesto in 2004 with the opening ceremony.   


Bonde do Role- Brazilian Boys (feat. Ce'cile)



The chick really likes boys.  Speaking of which...we leave you with a classic Michael Jackson live piece from 1984 to end the column...apparently showing the Moonwalk for the 1st time.  How amazing is this guy...why hasn’t humanity produced another star like this?  What do we need to do to get the chromosomes to line up??  


Michael Jackson - Billie Jean (1st Moonwalk?)



That’s a wrap for the best weekly alternative pop column.  Hope you enjoyed it.  Now go delete your niece / nephew / little sister / little brothers stupid pop filler playlists...and turn them on to PopKiller instead!


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