Best Chill Out Music Ever - Pt 2


Welcome to Best Chill Out Music Ever – Pt 2! Hold it. You never caught Pt 1? Bitch, don't kill our vibe. Well then, you had better get your arse up to date, right this minute! We are still going to be here when you are done. Done? Great. Now, wherever was we? Oh yes, getting ready for another serving of the best chill out songs of all time, by running a nice, hot bath. Woah, not so fast! Before you can step inside of the BitCandy tub, you must tell us what the best chill out songs are in the comments, below. Only then can you join us, and maybe even get a sneaky peek at our vajazzle!


Air “Talisman”

Believe it or not, you guys, there is a whole lot more to Air than the omnipresent, “Sexy Boy.” “Talisman” is another slice of lounge prog, lifted from the French duo's debut album, Moon Safari, which dropped in 1998. For more from Air, head on over to Best of Chill Out Music Ever – Pt 1.


Washed Out “You And I”

You And I” is taken from Washed Out's debut album, Within And Without, which tube rode the chill wave back in 2011. Oh and, if you are wondering, those female vocals are courtesy of the lovely Caroline Polachek of Chairlift, who BitCandy discovered months before you did. Probably.


Massive Attack “Teardrop”

Did you honestly think that BitCandy would do a feature titled “Best Chill Out Music Ever” and not include “Teardrop?” The exemplary chill anthem is lifted from Massive Attack's third album, 1998's Mezzanine. For more from Massive Attack, head on over to Best of Chill Out Music Ever – Pt 1.


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Sia “Breathe Me”

The closest that Sia Furler came to mainstream success was in 2004, when she released “Breath Me,” from her third album, Colour The Small One. Sigh. One day, the Nordic songwriter behind “Diamonds,” “Radioactive” and “Let Me Love You,” will get the love and respect that she deserves.


Moby “Whispering Wind”

Whispering Wind” is a deep cut from Moby, circa Play, the album which introduced Richard Hall to the mainstream. It is the flip side to the gut punching, “Natural Blues,” which was released in 2000 (ugh, feeling old). For more from Moby, head on over to Best of Chill Out Music Ever – Pt 1.


The xx “Shelter”

Shelter” is lifted from The xx's eponymous debut album, a modern chill out classic, which was released to universal acclaim in 2009. Despite the fact that it was never a single, “Shelter” became one of the trio's most popular songs, and was subsequently destroyed by the British teenager, Birdy.


Jónsi “Hengilás”

Hengilás” concludes Jónsi's first and only solo album, Go, which was released in 2010. There is no studio version available online, so enjoy this live rendition, courtesy of our friends over at Pitchfork (cough, not) instead. For more from Sigur Rós, head on over to Best of Chill Out Music Ever – Pt 1.


Burial “Shell Of Light”

In 2007, the London producer, Burial, released his sophomore album, and his opus, Untrue. “Shell Of Light,” the ninth song on the album, is built around three samples: “Whisper” by Ernie Halter, “Cruisin'” by D'angelo and “Promise” by Ciara. If you dig on this, then dig on the Shlohmo remix.


Serge Gainsbourg “Ballade De Melody Nelson”

Ballade De Melody Nelson” is lifted from le French rogue, Serge Gainsbourg's Histoire De Melody Nelson, a scandalous concept album released in 1971 about the life and death of the nymph, Melody Nelson. For more from Gainsbourgs, head on over to Best of Chill Out Music Ever - Pt 1.


That's a wrap, Oprah! BitCandy will be back with the Best Chill Out Music Ever – Pt 3, very soon. Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter, or tell us what the best chill out songs of all time are in the comments, below?

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