Best Chill Out Music | 10 Favs! | Week 20 2013

Best of Indie Chill

Bad day at the office? Stressed about your finals? P*ssed off at motherf*cking everything? Then this week's Best Chill Out Music – Week 20 is for you. Yup, BitCandy have, once again, compiled the very best chill out songs of the last seven days, to gently ease you into the weekend. So, grab a drink, take a seat, make yourself feel at home and, of course, relax. Oh, but don't forget to tell us about your favorite chill out songs in the comments, below. If we like it, then we promise to include it in next week's round up. Now, where was we? Ah, yes, chilling the f*ck out...


Beacon “Bring You Back”

Okay, okay. I know that I brought you this in Best of Indie – Week 19. But, yikes. “Bring You Back” is too f*cking chill for my liking. The Ways We Separate is out now on Ghostly, so go and buy it, Thom Yorke fanboys and fangirls.


Jon Hopkins “Open Eye Signal (Nosaj Thing Remix)”

You may remember that I first introduced you to the original “Open Eye Signal” in Best of Chill Out – Week 19. If you dug on that, then dig on this: a new remix, from the California knob twiddler, Nosaj Thing. It is alright, you can thank me later.


Daughter “Tomorrow”

This isn't the first track that I have brought you from Daughter and it probably won't be the last track that I will bring you from Daughter. But, f*ck it. If You Leave rules, okay? If you like this, then check out “Human,” “Youth” and their cover of Daft Punk's “Get Lucky.”

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AM & Shawn Lee “Two Times”

Two Times” is lifted from AM & Shawn Lee's sophomore album, La Musique Numerique, which is French for The Digital Music, according to our good friends, over at Google Translate. So, uh, it's not exactly “chill,” but get a load of that bass groove? Moving along...


Charles Murdoch “No Lungs”

Here is what I can tell you about Charles Murdoch: he is from Brisbane, he has supported Nicolas Jaar, he is releasing his debut EP on Future Classic in July, he has more than 1000, but less than 2000 fans and he is totally bangable. Oops, how did that last one get in there?


Junip “After All Is Said And Done”

After All Is Said And Done” is the final song to be lifted from Junip's eponymous sophomore album, which is out now on Mute. If you like it, then why not take a listen to “Beginnings,” too? If you like that, then why not purchase the entire album, tight ass?


The 1975 “Haunt // Bed”

BitCandy first introduced you to The 1975 on our free Winter Indie Sampler 2013. The prolific Brits have been tearing up The Hype Machine with their multiple EPs ever since then. “Haunt // Bed” is taken from their latest effort, IV, which is out next week on Dirty Hit.


Robots Don’t Sleep “Don't Wake Me”

Robots Don't Sleep are two androids hailing from Berlin, who go by the human names of Robot Koch and John LaMonica. “Don't Wake Me,” a slice of cosmic pop about “straddling both the dreamed and waking worlds,” is lifted from the duo's self titled debut EP, out now on Four Music.


Four Tet “Unspoken”

To celebrate 10 years since the release of his third album, Rounds, Four Tet has uploaded the original version of “Unspoken” to Soundcloud. It features a piano sample from “Winter” by Tori Amos, but the douchebag refused to clear the song in 2003, hence why we are only hearing it now.


Air “How Does It Make You Feel?”

Closing down this week's Best of Chill Out with a vintage classic from the legendary Air. The psychedelic “How Does It Make You Feel?” is lifted from the French duo's sophomore album, 10000 Hz Legend. For more from Air, head over to Best Chill Out Music Ever - Pt 1.


That's a wrap, Jim Leher! BitCandy will be back with the Best of Chill Out, next week. Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter or tell us what chill out songs we should feature next week, below...

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