Best Chill Out Music - Week 24, 2013

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“It's Friday, Friday, gotta get down on Friday. Everybody's looking forward to the weekend, weekend. Partying, partyi...” Oh, hi, I kinda, didn't see you there. Uh, I'm just getting ready for the weekend, absolutely not with Rebecca Black, but with the best chill out music of the week. Thank you to our Curators for helping us out with today's picks. You can be a Curator, and contribute to our weekly Indie, Electro, PopSmut and Chill Out round ups, too. To find how all of that works, then click here, or tell us what chill out music we should feature next week in the comments, below.


XXYYXX “Pay Attention” - Curator Duffster

Pay Attention” is the first single to be taken from XXYYXX's fourth album, which is released later this year, on Relief In Abstract. The 17-year-old, yes, the 17-year-old creates all of his music in his bedroom, on the digital audio workstation, Fruity Loops, while he is watching anime. Talented dick.


Yosi Horikawa “Stars” - Curator Beca

Ever since Yosi Horikawa graduated from the Red Bull Music Academy, the Japanese producer has gone from strength to strength. Howikawa will release his debut album, Vapor, later this month, on First Word Records. The first single, “Stars,” recently came accompanied by this beautiful vid. Aah.


David Lynch feat. Lykke Li “I'm Waiting Here” - Curator Pavit

I'm sorry to break it to you, film buffs and buffets, but it sounds like David Lynch isn't going to be directing, any time soon. Sigh. “I'm Waiting Here,” featuring Lykke Li, is the first single to be lifted from the distuuurbingly hot 67-year-old's new album, The Big Dream, out in July, on Sacred Bones.


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Wolf Saga “Our Time” - Curator Beca

I don't even know if this new single from the Canadian producer, Wolf Saga “chill out music,” but then again, I don't even care. Next time that you and your imaginary girlfriend are cruising down a highway, play this feel good song at full voltage. You can thank me, after you get laid that evening.


Boards of Canada “Reach For The Dead”

I first brought you “Reach For The Dead,” from Tomorrow's Harvest, in Week 22. Time to dig on the accompanying visuals. I love this top comment, from the YouTube user, and fan boy, Benoblest, about BoC: “In a way their works are not the real meaning but a gateway to create meaning.” Deep.


When Saints Go Machine “IODINE (Robin Hannibal Remix)”

When Saints Go Machine's new single, “IODINE,” has been remixed by their fellow Dane, Robin Hannibal, who is one half of Rhye. The remix, which lifts the vocals from the original, and places them in a minimalistic drip arrangement, is archetypal Hannibal, in that it is “totally f*ckable.” Mm.


Snakadaktal “Ghost” - Curator Beca

Following their self titled debut EP, Snakadaktal went far too quiet, for my liking. It turns out, the fantastical named Melbourne band were hard at work, recording their debut album in a uh, old horse stable. “Ghost” is the first single to be taken from Sleep In The Water, out in August, on Liberation.


F∆UXE “If Only You Knew”

“Nothing much to be said. Nothing much to be seen. Nothing but only music.” This is Singaporean producer, F∆UXE's biography on his SoundCloud, which is all kinds of helpful, Mr. Illuminati. He wears a mask, too, so I don't know if he is bangable. I guess that Comfort EP will “speak for itself.”


Astral Pattern “Sitting In The Sun”

Hipsters everywhere mourned the loss of SCUM, in January. But mourn not, hipsters everywhere. Inspired by a Kraftwerk concert in Düsseldorf earlier this year, three of five return as Astral Pattern. “Sitting In The Sun” is lifted from their debut EP, Light Poems, released in July, on 37 Adventures.


Röyksopp feat. Susanne Sundfør “Running To The Sea (Marcus Schössow Remix)” - Curator Beca

Producer, Marcus Schössow, who owns this face, has remixed his fellow Swedes, Röyksopp's duet with their fellow Swede, Susanne Sundfør. You still with me? Good, then look at all those Swedish letters. Schössow describes this remix of “Running To The Sea” as “nice...until it drops.” True dat.


That's a wrap, everybody! BitCandy will be back with the Best Chill Out Music, next Friday. Until then, 'like' our Facebook, 'follow' us on Twitter or tell us what chill out music we should feature next week in the comments, below?

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