As I type this, I'm hanging outside (God bless Wi-Fi) watching the sun set around me. I'm going to ignore the fact I'm freezing my tits off as it's just too damn gorgeous to head indoors atm. I wish you could see this shit, guys! The sky is aglow with an almost ominous shade of orange, the wind is lapping gently through the treetops, and to finish it all off, I'm enjoying some of the top chill out music of the week. Fuck, I'm going to start crying in a minute. If I were you, I'd get your ass off the sofa and try this out for yourself. It might change your life or some beautiful shit like that. You're SO welcome. Fuccck.




So that Jessie Ware and Prince collaboration that I suggested a few weeks ago never happened. I guess you guys never spammed @3RDEYEGIRL on Twitter like I asked. The dream isn't dead, though. Maybe Prince will see this video for “Tough Love” and think to himself, “I should totally collaborate with this bae when I'm not busy collaborating with Nile Rodgers.” Pretty sure Jessie Ware lives in this world parallel to us regular jackoffs where everything is black and white and tragic. HOLY SHIT, though, guys! This song sounds even fucking better than I remember. Her voice is everything.



Is Skepta so fucking bad he's ironically good? That's the only reason why I can think Blood Orange asked him to rap on “High Street.” I mean, c'mon, guys. “The late Michael Jackson doing the moonwalk on the tele/and I'm like, 'Who's bad?'” Then again, maybe I just know fuck all about grime music. Anyways, Devonté Hynes is a stylish douchebag who writes songs for stylish douchebags (and Skepta). That said, he might as well stop making videos altogether/retire as he's never going to top that dance routine in the “You're Not Good Enough.”



This late-night slow-jam from the upcoming London singer-songwriter, TUSKS, was giving me some serious mojo - if you know what I mean - but then this video went and ruined it with the blood. OMG, the blood! Boner killer, much? It's okay, this time I'll listen with my eyes closed. Ch ekcout the restg of Emilyusy. Okay, maybe that's not a good idea after all. Ahem, check out the rest of Emily Underhill's EP, Ink, for more down-tempo tunes to play strictly after midnight when you're in bed with your lover/cat. What? I fucking love my cat!



Well suck my dick and call me Nancy. I never thought I'd see the day when the filthy gorgeous “Eruption” featured in my Chill Out column. I've got High Tides to thank for that. Dude has turned one of Tobacco's most fucked up bangers yet into some glossy 80s dreamland that wouldn't be out of place on the Drive soundtrack (Drive is still culturally relevant, right?). On that note, I officially refuse to believe my bae, Ryan Gosling, has knocked up Eva Mendes. Nope.



The Acid fucking shit me up. Look at that sound wave. It says everything you need to know about “Red.” It's just this huge monolith of sound that grows and grows in size until Ry X's vocals come in at the 2 minute mark, kind of like one of those tiny kisses your girlfriend/mom plants on your forehead after you wake up from a nightmare, allowing you to fall back to sleep in a blissful dream state. Or something along those lines. Anyways, I've been vibing my fucking ass off to The Acid's debut album this week. Hope you guys have been, too!



There are a few things I can tell you about Prayer. 1. He featured on a split 12” with Forever Forever on Zomby's Cult Music imprint last year. 2. He is self-releasing his debut EP, Knowing, this July. 3. I know nothing else about Prayer. Don't even care, though. They could be Paris fucking Hilton and I'd still bump this creepy weird shit until the day I die. Right, Burial fans?



CLANN is a musical project founded by Montreal siblings, Seb and Ben McKinnon, to soundtrack their ongoing short film trilogy, Kin. Only one film has been released from the series thus far, and OMG, it's a total masterpiece, delving into a fantasy world occupied by medieval knights and mythical creatures, and all through the eyes of two adorable young children. Like the film itself, Kin EP evokes a fairytale's worth of emotions in the listener. Here's my personal favorite cut, “White Roses,” which I'd describe as “Kate Bush meets witch house.” If you dig, I seriously recommend you check out the rest of the McKinnons' works, including the Kin film. Fucking life-changing, bro. I feel so INSPIRED! *Burp.*



James Vincent McMorrow's “Cavalier” is delicate like a beautiful woman, and MOORS handle her with care on this remix. I know, that was weird. Anyways, rather than layer a bunch of unnecessary effects over Vincent McMorrow's voice like The 19-fucking-75, MOORS stay pretty faithful to the original, interpolating some minimalistic hip hop percussion and production flourishes. There's also an additional rap verse courtesy of Keith Stanfield, and it's unsurprisingly dope. Psyched to watch this Los Angeles duo blow up in October when they do their first ever live show at the El Rey Theatre with the masterful Com Truise. YEEE!



A Winged Victory for the Sullen are back? Fuck yeah! The gestation of their second album, ATMOS, can be traced back to Wayne McGregor - resident choreographer at the Royal Ballet and the brains behind Radiohead's “Lotus Flower” video - who contacted Dustin O'Halloran and Adam Wiltzie to see if they could write the score for his new dance oeuvre. A year later, and the duo have an entire full-length on their hands. Thanks, Wayne! ATMOS is due out in October, and here's a  captivating taster. To quote the press release, “Atmos VI” sees A Winged Victory “stay true to their collective melancholy,” with neo-classical influences unfurling throughout the ambient piece. Does listening to this band make anyone else talk like a superior asshole? Okay, good!



I can't even remember the last time I featured a mixtape in this column. Mainly because they're all SHIT. But this one from Belgium radio show, Nachtschade, is THE shit. Hosted by Finest Ego, it forms part of Nachtschade's annual label specials, this particular mix being dedicated to the diverse roster of one of my favorite independents of all time, the infallible Ghostly International. Hit play for 1 hour and 4 minutes worth of jams from the likes of Tycho, Shigeto, Gold Panda, Com Truise, Fort Romeau and more. Brb, just going to listen to this for the rest of my fucking life.


Okay, I'm going to head indoors now. I'm fucking freezing. Until next week, guys!

just take it easy, ok?

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