Best Chill Out Music

Best Chill Out Music

Indie chill…. What is it? What does it mean? Those two words open up a postmodern rabbit hole into a quantum universe of indeterminacy. What might make one person mellow, sleepy, happy, and calm might be infuriatingly boring to another? That's not even to begin to dissect that first word, as what is and isn't 'indie' is a whole separate conversation. 

Why is this fuzzy, quantum descriptor taking over? Is indie chill a genre? A musical movement? Without getting into a metaphysical debate, we can default to Descartes' view on existence. Indie chill is real, because it exists, because people think it's real. 

But why are so many people gravitating towards this fuzzy genre? What does it say about the world we're living in? Let's discuss, shall we?

This week we have more best indie chill music than we could fit in one post, so let's start it off with Friends In Paris, Sam Sure, Seyr and more. Then follow up with part 2 in another post!
Ready for some more chill out tracks to get you chilling out? We’ve got Filous in the house. We’ve got Vaults in the house. We’ve got Marz Léon in the house. We’ve even got Björk in the house. Well, she’s not really in the house because she lives on another planet.

What Is Chill Indie Music?

The term chill as a musical descriptor came to prominence in the '90s, as information technology was really getting going in earnest. If 'chill music' is a genre, of any kind, it may be the first postmodern musical genre. Which is to say, it doesn't have a hard-and-fast definition, or even a consensus on its musical characteristics. So let's go ahead and dig into its etymology a bit in search of a definition. 

The word 'chill' is the variable that's going to help us solve this equation. Because it's been used to describe legit musical movements, as well, that have some defining aesthetics we can expound upon. 

Chill music is a shortened version of 'chill-out music,' which was an honest-to-goodness musical style in the late '80s and '90s. Chill-out music stemmed from the chillout rooms in raves and dance clubs. London's Heaven Nightclub featured the first high-profile chill-out room, where ambient music like Brian Eno would mix with progressive House, Techno, and Trance, from artists like The Orb, Orbital, or The KLF. These chill-out rooms were meant as a respite from the overwhelming stimulation of the big rooms. Which is also where we get our first hint why this music's so vital. And why it seems to be spreading.

Check out this weeks Best of Indie Chill featuring the vibey awesome sounds of Ben Howard, Jessie Ware, Goldroom and more. Perfect sounds for being lazy and/or intimate encounters. Hah.
Here are 10 indie chill songs that I hope offer you some kind of respite from whatever may be going on in your life. We kick it off with Arterial by Lusine.
This week we have top indie chill songs like FKA Twigs - Pendulum, Beck - Heart is a Drum, Cashmere Cat - Rice Rain and more chillwave tracks for you!
This week's first installment of the best indie chill music includes The Weeknd - King of the Fall, Jessie Ware - Share It All, and plenty more chillout tracks!
You get not one but TWO parts of the best indie chill music on the planet, right here on The Guard. Astronomyy - Pack of Wolves starts off the set, followed by six more!
This week's top chillwave songs include Prelow - Mistakes Like This, Caribou - Can't Do Without You Extended Mix, Mt. Si. - True, and more!