Best Chill Out Music

Don't think that you can face another weekend of Olympics coverage? BitCandy has got your back! It seems such a waste of time sitting on the couch when you could outside in this beautiful summer weather, listening to the latest dose of Best Chill Music. So turn off the television! Enjoy the sun! And check out the following songs from X I X X, Cafe Lanai, We Are Temporary, NOVAA, TOULOUSE and more while you're at it.
Whatever plans that you have this weekend, be it going out in the sun or staying in to keep cool (this is me!), you're sure to find something here to suit your mood. Don't take my word for it, though – have a listen yourself to the latest from Oshi, Katuchat, Poolside, Ta-ku & Wafia, Cass McCombs and more.
Feel free to accompany me in turning off the television set, putting on some headphones and forgetting about life for a moment with the latest edition of BitCandy's Best Chill Songs. I'm not claiming that they're going to solve everything, but if Attlas, Capre, Kllo, IDER, Drugdealer and the five other artists featured here can bring even one of you peace of mind, then it'll all have been worth it. <3.
You know that it's summer when your inbox is literally stacked with top chill music. Something about this hot weather just seems to bring out so much creativity. So grab your headphones and a cool beverage of your choice and enjoy the following tracks from cln, Gallant, JONES, BASECAMP, Jarryd James and more.
Put on your sunglasses and the highest SPF that you can find as the following songs are hotter than the California sun. And believe me, that's saying something! Featuring RY X, Meadowlark, HONNE, Johan, Creaky Jackals and more, add these tracks to your summer mixtape for the ultimate party with friends this weekend. Just don't forget to invite me!
Whatever it is that you're doing this season, I'm here to help you stay relaxed every step of the way with the following edition of Best Chill Songs. Featuring RY X, Kelsey Lu, Chet Faker, Du Tonc, Agnes Obel and even more, I hope that you enjoy listening to this playlist as much as I did creating it!
If you're looking to head into your Fourth Of July celebrations stress-free, then you're in the right place. Before you turn your attention to food, friends, fireworks or whatever other festivities that you may have planned, take a moment to relax and unwind with the following edition of BitCandy's Top Chill Songs. Featuring Kings., Hundreds, Golden Vessel, LANKS, vassh and more, consider this your perfect pre-Independence Day playlist.
Summer has officially arrived, and it's already looking like it's going to be a hot one. WHEW! If you're currently sweating in places that you never even knew that you could sweat, then I can totally relate. Hang in there – not long until the weekend is here and we all have permission to lounge around the house semi-naked. Read our favorite Chill Picks!