Best Chill Out Music

If you've arrived here after a particularly stressful workweek, then we genuinely hope that the latest edition of We Are The Guard's Best Chill Songs can be of some help to you. Unwind into the weekend by hitting play on the following tracks from Her, Rhye, Lane 8, Chrome Sparks, SYML, and more.
Featuring L'Orange, TRACE, Nakala, Michael Brun, NSTASIA, and five other favorites, the following playlist is sure to keep you warm whatever your plans are this wintry weekend!
If you put your mind to it, you can achieve anything that you want to over the next 12 months, but also make sure to take it easy on yourselves every once in a while. On that note, here are the Top Chill Songs from Emmit Fenn, Ekali & ZHU, Francis and the Lights, and plenty of others.
Grab your headphones and an extra-strong coffee to-go, and together let's get through this festive final countdown with the following songs courtesy of London Grammar, NoMBe, S. Carey, BØRNS, Janelle Kroll, and five other favorites!
Take the opportunity to tend to your own needs this wintry weekend with help from yet another edition of We Are The Guard's Best Chill Songs. Just grab your headphones and feel your worries melt away like snow to the sounds of Björk, EDEN, Said the Sky & FRND, RAC, G-Eazy, and lots more!
We Are The Guard appreciates that the holiday season can be a pretty stressful time, which is why we're pleased to present yet another edition of Top Chill Music. We hope that the following songs from Jadu Heart & Mura Masa, VESCE, Aisha Badru, The Masks, Tom Taped, and more help you to survive the festivities!
We Are The Guard is here to help you survive any festive fallout with yet another dose of Best Chill Songs. Featuring San Holo, RY X, No Mono, Felix Snow, Micky Blue, and lots more, consider it your chance to escape from the holiday hysteria and indulge in some much-deserved me time this Christmas!
Featuring 6LACK, Matoma, Jack Grace, Brandyn Burnette, Maths Time Joy, and others, we hope that this playlist helps you to maintain your composure as you feverishly elbow your way though the crowds towards that half-price television set that you don't even need.
Gordo’s Sad Hot Girls is a lo-fi post-wave indie bliss-out tune unlike anything we at We Are the Guard have heard in far too many years. Sad Hot Girls has that chill-stoned-on-the-beach sound but also twinges of psychedelic distortion, plus a modernized pop sensibility.
If you're in search of an escape from the familial madness this Thursday, then this edition of We Are The Guard's Top Chill Music is for you. Featuring Giraffage, Rainsford, Ayelle, MXMS, Weslee, and more, consider it is as important to your survival this Thanksgiving as your expanding pants!
If you are in search of some autumnal sounds to snuggle up by the fire to this Friday, then look no further than We Are:The Guard's Best Chill Songs. Featuring Tom Misch, Alina Baraz, Ella Mai, Petit Biscuit, Tourist, and more, it's the perfect side to that Caramel Brulée Latte that you're planning on drowning this weekend.
Before we hit the mall for our first round of gift shopping this weekend, then, we're bringing you 30 minutes of musical therapy in the form of yet another edition of We Are: The Guard's Top Chill Songs. Featuring Chløë Black, LAOISE, Aisha Badru, Rhye, Jens Kuross, and five other favorites, there's something here for everyone.