Best Chill Out - (10 Vibes) | Week 22 2013

Best of Indie Chill

A good mood is like a balloon. One stupid punk ass prick is all it takes to completely ruin it. But instead of wasting hours deciding whether or not to punch the punk in the face, you should throw your hands up in the air and yell “FUCK IT” because the only thing that will come out of anxiety, stress, and anger is a case of the good ol’ hemorrhoids.

So forget about the B.S. Imma help you relax with this week’s best Chill Out Music, just in time for the weekend And, in case you have other thoughts, really...*yes you with the sexy most amazing taste, make sure to comment below with an idea(s) for next week.


The Naked And Famous - The Ends (Young Magic Remix)

The Naked And Famous have released a series of remixes from their well received album, Passive Me, Aggressive You, and from all the remixed tracks, Young Magic’s version of ‘The Ends’ is a stand out. It’s the perfect tune to escape the world around you.


Moby - Shot In The Back of the Head (Ambient)

Bow down to the master of beats. The addition of more synthesizers tones down the original repetitive drum pattern and creates a more relaxed sound...hence “ambient.” It’s best experienced late at night.


The Poison Tree (David Lynch Remix)

If forbidden fruit had a sound, this is what it would sound like. Moby’s new album will be out soon! And it’s gorgeous, from what I’ve heard!

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Lapalux - Without You (TWOS Remix)

Perfection? Perhaps. Dope ass remix? I think so. Is TWOS somebody to watch for? Absolutely. Still have doubts? Check out ‘Going Home’ below.


TWOS - Going Home

If this didn’t convince you of how good the dude is, then there’s something obviously wrong with you. I’m sorry. If you love it or are curious to see what else the bro’s got in the bag check out his EP, Between Ones & Threes.


Mount Kimbie - You Took Your Time (feat. King Krule)

The British electronic duo has released their sophomore album and I don’t want to freak you out, but listening to ‘You Took Your Time’ will cause a warm tingling sensation on your skin. I think now is a good time to pop open a beer.  The new album, Cold Spring Fault Less Youth, is out now!


Boards of Canada - Reach For The Dead

Oh, this is so pleasantly creepy. ‘Reach For The Dead’ is the first single to come out of BoC’s upcoming album, Tomorrow’s Harvest. It’s been way too long since we last heard from them. The anticipation is killing me.


Kúra - Anchor

Fanney, lead singer of the Icelandic/Danish electronic duo reminds me of the sirens in Homer’s The Odyssey. Her voice is alluring, beautiful, and dangerously inviting. Do you guys feel the same or have I just been eating one too many shrooms again?


Kodak To Graph - Rakshasa feat. Monsoonsiren

Listen, whoever says Gainesville, FL is a shitty college town is right! I say this because I’ve spent one too many seasons on that side of the coast. But my personal opinions have nothing to do with being able to recognize the musical talent of Kodak To Graph. He’s bold, he’s fresh, he’s exciting. Need I say more?



Slow Magic - On Yr Side

This little slice of heaven was recommended by our curator, Gortisan. We loved it so much that we had to add it to this week’s installment of eargasmic chill out tunes. Yes, we do sit and listen to each and every suggestion you guys send our way.


Well, my sweet peas, looks like we’ve run out of time. That’s all we got for you today. Make sure to keep us in mind whenever you feel like you need a break  and tune into our FREE online radio where you can listen to as much chill music as you want. Have a great weekend, but most importantly:

you need to relax