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Hungover? In a food coma? Feeling a little tender? Ah, it can only be the day after Thanksgiving! I'm not sure about you, but I don't want to see another cranberry cocktail, turkey slice or long-lost Cousin Jack ever again. And to think that we still have the stress of Black Friday to contend with! Or do we? Why not join me in passing up on the questionable deals and endless queues and instead stay at home and relax (recover?) with the latest edition of BitCandy's Best Chill Songs? Featuring Liv, Autograf, Troye Sivan and more, there's something here for everyone!



Liv are life. After unveiling “Wings Of Love” in September, Lykke Li's supergroup with her boyfriend and American producer Jeff Bhasker, Miike Snow's Andrew Wyatt and Pontus Winnberg and Peter Bjorn And John's Björn Yttling return today with their second single. Entitled “Dream Awake,” it's a sprawling, devastatingly gorgeous five-and-a-half minute ballad with a chorus that hits you right in the feels: “I fight the night/I dream awake/I saw the light/And dream awake.”



Having recently wrapped up a co-headline tour with Goldroom, BitCandy favorites Autograf give us a taste of what's to come in 2017 with “Future Sauce.” Starting out as an ethereal piano composition before heading in a deliciously funky direction, “Future Sauce” is a welcome change from the Chicago trio's tropical house bangers.



Grab your Kleenex as Justin Taylor Phillips, aka Crywolf, returns today with maybe his most bone-chilling number yet. “Windswept” is an expansive six-minute symphony that finds Taylor Phillips layering his falsetto vocals atop a bed of swelling electronic atmospherics, building to a truly gut-wrenching climax that actually reduced me to tears! “It's a really vulnerable song for me, and I second guessed my choice to put it out multiple times, but what is an artist without honesty?” Crywolf tells NYLON. “Feeling vulnerable is part of the craft I have chosen, and I wouldn't have it any other way.”



“Fading” by Australian duo Vallis Alps is the song that I needed to hear today. Featured on their forthcoming EP Fable – due out next year – “Fading” is a truly feel-good blast of dream pop from Parissa Tosif and David Ansari that comes packed full of some much-needed Sydney sunshine. “We want 'Fading' to make people happy,” Vallis Alps tell triple j. “To be an escape from the negativity that surrounds us and a reminder of the beauty that is always present – but sometimes hidden.”



Hailing from Los Angeles, Stalgia make the kind of late-night R&B that you could get lost in for hours. Described as “a trip down the bad side of a good mind,” their latest single “BDY” is darkly hypnotic. Pairing the captivating vocals of lead singer Lauren Day with the electronic-infused atmospherics of producer of Brandon Leslie, “BDY” is a perfect listen for a Friday evening.



She may only be 19-years-old, but British powerhouse Jorja Smith has a voice that's truly timeless. Enriched with soul and emotion, it takes center stage on her goosebumps-inducing latest single “Carry Me Home.” Featured on her debut EP Project 11, the stripped-back R&B ballad finds Smith and collaborator Maverick Sabre intertwining over a minimal guitar and very little else, transporting listeners to another place in the process.



Purveyor of pop bangers Anne-Marie reveals a completely different side to her sound today with “Peak (Stripped).” The London singer-songwriter wears her heart on her sleeve on the deeply emotive, piano-driven ballad, all the while showcasing her truly impressive vocal range. “This isn't a single or anything just one of my favourite songs I've ever written,” writes Anne-Marie on Facebook. Check it out! <3



Troye Sivan tops off his explosive 2016 by releasing a deluxe edition of his debut album Blue Neighbourhood featuring a bunch of remixes and rarities, including this acoustic rendition of “YOUTH.” Backed only by a piano, listen as the Perth pop star delivers an extremely lovely live performance of his breakthrough hit single, which recently earned Song Of The Year at the coveted ARIA Awards.



“Hey guys. It's been a weird week. Here's my best effort to provide a little catharsis.” – Damien Verrett, aka So Much Light, helps us to come to terms with recent political events with “Sit With It.” A brooding moodpiece that finds the Sacramento producer crooning atop lush electronic atmospherics, “Sit With It” carries with it a message about the importance of working together in the face of adversity (“Let's hurt as one/Take form/Go forward.”).



Keeping to a political theme for the final song of the day. A menacing, ominous slab of industrial, “Trumped” by T.O.L.D. (The Order Of Life And Death) encapsulates the deep sense of anger felt by many of us in the aftermath of the election. “Can all the angels come out/And take my hand off my mouth,” spits the London-via-Los Angeles producer, his lyrical outrage laced in AutoTune. “Just let my feelings come out/Man, fuck this I'm out.”


Thanks for listening! Until next time, stay chill! x

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