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It's the most wonderful time of the year...or is it?! Call us Scrooge if you must, but we think that Christmas can be stressful af. From deciding what gift to buy your second cousin's girlfriend, to having to socially interact with your second cousin's girlfriend in the first place, it's a holiday that many of us would rather do without. Since canceling Christmas isn't an option, we have to look at other ways to stay sane this festive period. Enter BitCandy's Best Chill Songs. While we can't promise you that they'll make finding that illusive gift any easier, the following tracks from Flume, Peter Silberman, Blackbear and more will at the the very least provide you with some much-needed peace in the lead up to December 25th!



It's no secret that BitCandy loves Flume. That said, we aren't sure why “Trust” only made it to the Australian producer's Skin Companion EP 1, as opposed to Skin itself. Featuring The Preatures' lead singer Isabella Manfredi on guest vocals duties, “Trust” is a truly life-affirming song that wouldn't have sounded out of place on the Grammy-nominated album.



Once in a while, a song comes along that completely stops you in your tracks. “Karuna” by Peter Silberman is one of those songs. Taken from his forthcoming debut solo album Impermanence, “Karuna” is a spacious, intimate and deeply emotional guitar reverie that The Antlers' frontman wrote after losing his hearing in his left ear. “It's a moment of crisis, and a moment where a new reality has just set in,” Silberman tells NPR. “It's kind of the feeling of having the rug pulled out from under you and what that experience was like for me. I think, for this song, I wanted to slow down time to see what was going on in there.”



Ahead of the release of her Shawn Everett-produced third album, Goldsmiths alumna and professionally trained vocalist Bernice has shared the lead single “St Lucia.” Combining her crystalline pipes, warped synthesizers and bouncing basslines, “St Lucia” is an effervescent slice of Animal Collective-tipped experimental pop music that doubles as a feminist anthem. Bernice: “Named after my great Auntie Irene (middle name Lucia), the song works as a reminder to myself of all the women in my family who've lived before me.”



It's not often that we get to feature hip hop in Best Chill Songs, so we're totally amped to be able to bring you the latest drop from Los Angeles rapper Blackbear. Produced by J Hill, “If I Could I Would Feel Nothing” is an oh-so-effortless freestyle that hears Blackbear spilling his heart out (“All designer when we go out/Just so people know we rich/Underneath it all the truth is that I/Really feel like shit.”) over a super smooth trap beat.



“Escape” by Yellow Claw and Flux Pavilion-approved singer-songwriter Naaz is exactly that: An escape. Featuring the Dutch artist's mesmerizing vocal melodies set against a spellbinding dream pop backdrop, “Escape” is best turned to when real life gets too much. “'Escape' is a song about craving for escapism, while feeling ashamed about it at the same time,” Naaz tells Fame Magazine. “It's when you're in a very dark place in your life, that you don't even want to look in the mirror anymore as you're afraid of what's staring back at you. All you want to do is escape from reality, and run away to your fantasy.”



Terrible Records does it again. The label that previously brought us releases from the likes of Solange and Empress Of returns today with another must-hear discovery in the form of Brooklyn singer-songwriter Rahm. Pairing his afflicted fasletto vocal chops with a deeply unnerving electronic production, his debut single “Wet Words” is a left-field listen that's certain to appeal to fans of James Blake and Arca.



This is Thomas Gaist's first time appearing in this column, but if his latest single “Worries” is anything to go by, it most certainly won't be his last. Starting out as a deeply brooding electronic soul groove before transforming into something completely and utterly larger than life, “Worries” couldn't be a more perfect introduction to this Danish singer-songwriter.



Australian singer-songwriter Isabel is transporting us to a place of pure paradise on her latest single “Stay.” Built around a blend of tranquil vocal incantations and tropical-esque percussion, the Steve Thornely-produced slice of electronic soul is bringing some much-needed summer vibes to proceedings this December.



Husband-and-wife duo Freedom Fry are sure to hit you right in the feels with their cover of “Linger” by The Cranberries. The acoustic rendition of the 90s classic is devastatingly beautiful, with the folk-leaning arrangement allowing the spotlight to fall on Dolores O'Riordan's lyrics, which, over 23 years later, are as heartbreaking as ever. “We tried to keep it bare so you could really feel the words,” write Freedom Fry on SoundCloud. “It's something to hold you over until next year when we start releasing a lot of the new music we've been creating.”



“Kylie” was first brought to our attention in October 2015. Back then, little to no information could be found on its creator, Kerala Dust. Over one year on, and there's still not much to be said of the enigmatic producer, other than that he's going to be unveiling a debut EP, Motions, on December 15th. With that comes a re-release of “Kylie,” and therefore a perfect excuse to re-feature what Calvin originally described as a “wondrous bit of downtempo electronica.” “Over a sparse landscape Dust's smooth baritone floats, adrift in a calm techno sea,” he continued. Check it out.


Thanks for listening! Until next time, stay chill! x

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