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Christmas is mere hours away, and while much of the music blogosphere is done for 2016, we're taking it upon ourselves here at BitCandy to bring you one last opportunity to relax and recharge your batteries before the holidays. It's going to be a crazy weekend spent with family and friends, and we figured that you might appreciate this final 30 minutes or so of me time ahead of the festivities. That way, you should feel refreshed enough to face Xmas – and all without having to resort to Grandma's secret alcohol stash! On that note, enjoy the Best Chill Songs of Week 51 from Bonobo, The M Machine, Echos and more.



Ninja Tune producer Bonobo is back with yet another single from his forthcoming sixth album Migration. Entitled “Break Apart,” it's an exquisitely crafted composition that hears Bonobo pair mesmerizing harps, swelling horns and glassy percussion with an achingly gorgeous vocal performance courtesy of Rhye's Mike Milosh.



There's something ironic about a band called Exes writing a love song, but “Grey” is a truly heart-stopping piece of music about growing old with your other half. Bringing together lead singer Allie McDonald's aching vocal performance (“You're the one I wanna stay with/You're the one I wanna grey with”) and producer Mike Derenzo's soul-stirring chilltrap beats, “Grey” is certain to have you reaching for the Kleenex this Christmas.



Dive into the force of nature that's “Ocean” by Blvth. The German producer – who counts Hudson Mohawke and Mura Masa among his influences – collaborates with BitCandy favorite Novaa on said tsunami of a song, which finds Blvth and Novaa's atmospheric vocal harmonies drifting atop clattering percussion and earth-shattering basslines.



San Francisco producer duo The M Machine return this December with “The Warehouse,” the first single to be unveiled from their forthcoming debut album Glare. A sombre, bass-driven instrumental that builds to a truly cathartic climax, “The Warehouse” was written two years ago, but takes on an extra significance this 2016 in the wake of the Ghost Ship fire in Oakland. “We keep having conversations about how easily we (or our dear friends) could have been there,” write The M Machine on Facebook. “And so we feel lucky, but also heartbroken for those who weren't lucky like us.”



Dim the lights as Australian singer, songwriter and producer Matt Cicero, aka Ojikae, is setting the mood this Friday evening with his soulful debut single “Existentiality.” An oh-so-sexual slice of R&B that finds his yearning vocal chops paired with slow-burning piano keys and skittering production, “Existentiality” is an essential addition to any bedroom playlist. FFO: Frank Ocean, The Weeknd, D'Angelo.



If you're yet to listen to the self-titled debut EP from Portland electronic duo Echos, then a heads up that you're missing out on grandiose masterpieces like “Gold.” The second single to be released from the EP, “Gold” hears lead singer Lexi Norton's impassioned vocal melodies paired with producer Tal Richards' soaring els, resulting in a dramatic outpouring of emotion that's nothing short of soul-stirring.



Washington, D.C. singer-songwriter Young Summer joins the likes of Johnny Cash and John Anderson in covering Billy Joe Shaver's “Old Chunk Of Coal.” Pairing Young Summer's emotive vocal coos with an ambient electronic production, it's a contemporary rendition of a country classic with a timely sentiment to match. Young Summer: “This song has always meant so much to me. I've been waiting to release it and it being the holidays, with the current political climate it feels more relevant than ever to release a hopeful song about knowing you can be, and having the desire to be, better than you ever imagined.”



Aosoon, the British duo comprising of Ella Squirrell and Manny Folorunso, are sure to sweep you off your feet with their latest single “Something.” Breezy vocal melodies drift atop warm, intricate acoustic guitars throughout the so-called “gangsta folk” reverie, which pairs Aosoon's traditional hip hop roots with more organic, African and South American flavorings. “'Something' is a story about nature, its importance and how much it has to teach us,” Aosoon tell The Independent. “It's a reminder that we are all something, we are all unique and an important part of this beautiful, living, breathing planet we live on.”


Merry Christmas! x

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