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Hallelujah! Here we are with another week of the best foot-stomping, Jesus-praising, church-rattling music out there today. Yeah, if the church is sweaty night clubs and festival stages are our temples. I’m here talking about our lord and savior, EDM. So get your earplugs in and help destroy those eardrums a little bit more. You’ve been saved! You’ve been saved! You’ve been saved. Now let these dance music tracks into your heart and spread the gospel of Jesus.

We’ve got so many songs that are gonna make your eyes pop and your ears melt. BIG BIG WEEK! Listen to that brand new magic from Diplo, Snails, Frankee and MORE! Like what? How about tracks from Brasstracks, deadmau5 and Autograf. Holy Shit. Okay, he’s serious.



With Gesaffelstein retiring his LIVE show at this Coachella, someone has to step in and make some dark horror techno to fill that void. Though not quite (at all) the production master that Gesaffelstein is, Owl Vision is fast on his way to becoming one of the most interesting up and comers out there.



Bass House genre is getting HEAVY. WOW. I fucking love it. This is the middle ground between dubstep and bass house and I think this is going to be the next big thing right here. Great vocal hook, deep wobbly bass, this track is a PARTY in a BOX. Buy your MP3 right now.



Frankee seems to be the name to watch in Drum & Bass music right now. He’s had more tracks in my own personal Zane Lowe’s artist to watch than any other artist this year. His contribution to Andy C’s RAM Miami or ramiami compliation is absolutely the standout— with one of the crispest, freshest, heaviest basslines I’ve heard…ever. This shit BOUNCES.



A few weeks back deadmau5 dropped a collaboration with singer Colleen D’Agostino. That was "Stay" and everyone on the internet went absolutely bonkers for it. But leave it to mau to up his own game, utilizing his unreleased Soundcloud track, Drop the Poptart and turning it into a 9 minute beautiful, soaring progressive-house monster edit of the original track. This is some classic mau5. This is the shit that helped lynchpin electronic music’s transition from underground to what it is today. 



I’m intentionally posting this one after Deadmau5 because Soar has to be 100% influenced by the Mau5. Though Soar’s sounds are very different, both these dudes are playing with progressive house in a similarly unique way. Grass Field is full of massive patience in the builds— not worrying so much about WHEN the drop is going to be, but allowing it come out naturally through the changing of phrases and the telling of narrative emotional stories through the tracks. This song is absolutely beautiful, massive and uplifting. I hope Soar uses these talents to finally make the first Progressive House film score. Or just keep making good tunes! ;)



I’d feel like a real fucking asshole if I didn’t let you guys in on the base floor with Brass Tracks. Brass Tracks are a live act with live brass / drums / synths but make some of the absolute funkiest shit I’ve heard since GRiZ came on the market. 'Cept this isn’t steered towards the housey / loungey side of things. These dudes are about to BLOW up. Get in now, so you knew when.



Snails is one of those artists whose production I massively respect but am absolutely terrified of his music. I am far too old for his self-dubbed genre of Vomit-step. Too fast and too loud. I’m too old. But here Snails takes his sounds and funks up em up a little bit w/ the help of Big Gigantic Sax Man Dom Lalli. It really helps easy my soul and make me less anxious while listening to his tracks. Cool!



Autograf have a STRONG remix game, but it seems like nowadays dudes can remix all day without producing anything worth while themselves. This is the dudes' first original track and it’s far more legitimate than a lot of their peers. It’s got beautiful male vocals crooning over heavy piano chords and a tropical house xylophone that would make Kygo jealous. Actually a lot of things here would make Kygo jealous — you know, like the ability to produce a good original track. BURN. Autograf: 1, Kygo: 40,000.



While PC Music label is quietly taking over dance music (with legendary SXSW and Boiler Room takeovers and slots at Hard Summer events) very few people outside dance music intellectuals and producers know anything about these guys. Come in Diplo, the man with his finger STUCK to the pulse to remix it and bring it to more people's eyes! After working with SOPHIE on the newest Madonna single, I know he couldn’t help himself.



Funky Basslines! Garage Drums! Recognizable vocal lines! Uh Oh! This song is going to be everywhere faster than people post about Earthquakes on Facebook. Oh it already is. Røse getting played by Oliver Heldens and Mr. Belt & Wezol. Future star of the future, right here.


Please call me at phone # 1-800-COlLECT with any questions or concerns about my song choices this week. SEE YOU SOON BUDDY BEARS!


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