Best Electro 2013 | 10 New Bangers | Week 9 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

Hey hey hey, welcome back to BitCandy's Best Electro 2013 post, home of Oscar winning EDM, with your hosts Uncle Flex and Glitch.... Okay, maybe we didn’t win an Oscar this year, but we sure as hell deserve it with all the filtering we do.

For those of you out there who care, Major Lazer’s much awaited new album, Free the Universe, has been pushed back. In order to stop a riot, they released a few previous remixes, included their mix of “Look At Where We Are” and sweet remix of “Get Free” by Yellow Claw. It’s all free and in great quality, so CLICK THIS LINK TO DOWNLOAD THEM.


Boys Noize "Touch It"

Never one to rest on his laurels, Boys Noize has released another single. This track reminds me of something from Justice’s Audio, Video, Disco. Hopefully they will do a collaboration soon... Here’s to hoping.


Calvin Harris ft. Florence Welch vs. Wolfgang Gartner - Sweet Nothing [Disco Fries Bootleg]

For better or worse we present this mashup. As far as mashups go, we prefer jamming up classics / old songs with something new and completely different genres.  This is more of a remix but maybe you will find it “sweet” or “nothing.” For our BitCandy’s best mashups, check out our post of the best so far in 2013:


Hadouken! - Levitate (Remixes)

Two completely different remxies of "Levitate." The first remix, by Swindle, has a great talk box synth line (at least that’s what we think it is) coupled with some mellow tones that sharply contrast the original track. The next mix, this time by Koven, is a moody dubstep track. It’s easy to listen to, using long notes to draw attention to the vocals.


Disclosure - White Noise - HudMo Mix


New: Paul Oakenfold & Project 46 featuring Daphne “Higher”

“Oakie” is back...but is that a good thing or bad thing? Will Paul Oakenf-OLD step up?


Kill Paris - To A New Earth (Gramatik Remix)

Posted the orig last week. This one has a very different feel, but I guess that’s the point. It’s a shot of smooth groove mixed with a touch of electro distortion. Imagine Chromeo mixed with someone a little harder.


Revl9n - Walking Machine (SebastiAn Remix)

What are you doing? Oh not much...just going mental revisiting one of my favorite SebastiAn jams ever. Man, electro used to be so different.


Oliver - Solé Fixtape Volume 8

Are looking for Los Angeles’ best electro export? Look no further than Oliver.


Zeds Dead - Hot Sauce EP

Ok, so did Mad Decent hit the jackpot with BaauerHarlem Shake” or what? I guess it’s bound to happen if you sign 1000 tracks a year.  So here’s songs 995 996 997 998 and 999.


Arty feat. Chris James - Together We Are (The M Machine Remix)

Props to the M Machine for taking this ultra poppy prog track and making it something more. Not to sound harsh, but the original really doesn’t have anything to offer besides extremely typical chord progressions and more of the usual. This remix really switches it up, adding a cool percussion track in the second verse, which really diversifies the whole sound.


Midnight Conspiracy - Satellite (Original Mix) [Ultra Records]

This is the big one of the week. Dark and eerie, this is a great one to listen to while pretending to be a vampire. Assuming vampires listen to electro dubstep.


Hard Miami 2013 Official Mixtape RL Grime [Free Download]


Tis all for this week, m’lords and ladies. We hope you had a great time listening to the top dance music from around the web. Have something we know about? Click here to learn how to become a curator today!