Best Electro / EDM - 2012!


What the hell happened to 2012? It’s done and over and yet the world is still here. A few great musicians died, a few we didn’t care too much for, and more weird stuff than we care to remember.  Which brings us to our Best EDM of 2012

If you’re like us, your mind is a fog from all those wild nights and you’re having a bit of trouble remembering what exactly you listened to for the last 12 months. So we’re here to help you out and tell you what we thought were some of the best edm tracks of the year.

This is our more hardcore fan EDM post so look out for an accompanying more commercial Best of EDM 2012 post.


Handbraekes - Callgurls

A duo formed by the avant garde Mr. Oizo and the high powered electro of Boys Noize, Handbraeks released a gnarly EP upon us this past year. It’s sounds were too much for most and it’s release wasn’t too far spread. But now you have no excuse. LISTEN.


LANA DEL REY " Blue Jeans " ( Kris Menace Remix )

It seems like we couldn’t go two days without some new Lana Del Rey remix popping up. In the sea of monotony a few gems stood out, none quite like the Kris Menance mix of “Blue Jeans” which kept the melancholy feel of the original while spicing it up with his electronica shimmer.


Wolfgang Gartner - Love & War

Wolfgang Gartner had an impressive year with a handful of EPs full of headbanging tracks. Picking a favorite track is hard, but it must be done. We went with “Love & War” because it’s what electro house should sound. It’s got all that it takes to be a banger without being kiche or overwrought. Good job Wolfgang, you did it again.

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Knife Party - 'Centipede'

Knife Party came into the scene this year in a big way, releases two huge EPs with tracks that played across genres.


Swedish House Mafia - Don't You Worry Child (Live)

It’s impossible to deny the influence Swedish House Mafia have had on dance music in the past decade. Performing the biggest shows, releasing the biggest tracks... And now they’re calling it quits.


Gesaffelstein - Depravity

The techno that nightmares are made, given to us by a man with perfectly coiffed hair. Any of Gessaffelstein releases this year could have been on this list, from his other singles to his remix of “Black Brad Pitt.” We figured your ears could handle this one the best.


Etienne de Crécy - Prix Choc

Legendary house producer Etienne de Crécy just can’t stop making good music. This track’s fat bassline line and bossa nova influence make it undeniably good.


Foster The People - Don't Stop (Oliver Remix)

Oliver has a way of energizing a track while keeping it upbeat in a way that most artists can’t even touch. This remix of Foster The People epitomizes that.


Poolside - Only Everything

Poolside has become one the favorites around BitCandy, helping us dance through the week with their self proclaimed daytime disco. They provide the perfect soundtrack to southern California, whether you’re on the beach, cruising the interstate, or out on the town. We’re always looking forward to their next release. Check out their full length, Pacific Standard Time, if you haven’t already.


A-Trak & Tommy Trash - Tuna Melt

A-Trak had another great year. With so many quality tracks out, it’s hard to pick just one. We decided to try and go with a collaboration because of that, but even then it’s a hard choice. In the end, we went with the A-Trak and Tommy Trash electro/house sandwich. Mmmmmmm that’s a tasty sandwich.


Major Lazer - Original Don (Flosstradamus Remix)

We’ve been following Flosstradamus since ‘Act a Fool.’ Watching them start to blow up has been a treat, as has their year in excellent releases.


Diplo feat. Nicky Da B - Express Yourself

Diplo saw a lot of success this year and gave us one of the more memorable videos of 2012 with “Express Yourself” featuring Nicky Da B. This quickly became one of the moombahton ass shaking anthems of the year.


Sebastien Tellier - Cochon Ville (Brodinski Rmx)

The greatness of Sebastien Tellier deserves an equally great remix. Many tried. Many failed. And then there was Brodinski, the lord of Bromance Records, who knew what must be done. Brodinski released many good tracks this year, teaming up with LouisAHHH!!! and remixing some others, showing us the dark side of techno.


What do you think? Our Best EDM track list probably differs from yours: what would you have put on? Think you’ve got good taste? Click here to become a curator today.


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