Best Electro House & EDM - Week 4 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

Welcome back to another instalment of’s best of electro. Whether you’re looking for new music for DJs or just wanting some new EDM, we have something for you. We had to filter pretty hard this week, as more and more of what’s being churned out falls into the category of rubbish, so we hope you enjoy the top tier selection of what we have in store for you.



Feed Me - Gravel

Here’s an exciting one making rounds all around the web: Feed Me’s “Gravel.” It opens with a electro harpsichord intro that would make classic composers proud. But pretty soon the break happens and you realize why Feed Me’s avatar is a green monster with big teeth.


Zedd - Clarity (Official Video) ft. Foxes

Great video. Great song. And glad to hear this on the radio! Hey Zedd...could you look more like a super dork in this video?


Oliver - Mechanical EP (Fools Gold Records)

Looking forward to this Los Angeles based unit called Oliver...which sounds a little bit like the L.A. version of Justice (watered down, albeit) but still quite nice...and musical (something that I’m missing from most of you knob twiddlers out there).


Factory Floor "Fall Back" (official music video)  

This is what DFA has been up to this week. Top comment from YouTube: “nice track, will test it out with a pill in a couple nights.”


Savoy - The Bridge

Like this track? Follow the link in their soundcloud for a FREE download of this and ten other more.



ASAP Rocky - Long Live ASAP / Wild For The Night

Not exactly electronic music, however, this is worth a look. With A-Trak killing it on the decks, the fast hands of Araabmuzik powering the MPC, and, of course, ASAP Rocky providing lyrical genius, this is an instant hit.  Letterman has no idea what hit him.  Great call A$AP on your live show homies.



killthenoise - Rockers

LA based producer Kill The Noise doing his brand of electro house. With a little bit of horror movie feel and a classy breakdown, “Rockers” is another keeper from the skull clad man.


Bassnectar - Basslights 2012 Recap

Evidence and proof that you will never ever miss another Bassnectar show when he comes to your town (or within 100 miles).


Flux Pavilion - Blow The Roof

Holy fucking christ. This sure as shit ain’t Mozart, but it will make your body shake.



Mumbai Science - Impact

Shaded with a bit of darkness, “Impact” grinds along with an electro high end while the background stays true to its tech roots. It’s a great cross genre bit.


Foals - My Number (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs Remix)

Here it something to change the mood. This eerie new remix by TEED is reminiscent of Caribou and other indie dance bands. With a solid percussive build, swelling pads, and a very short vocal section, this is a great one for the after-after party.



Divini & Warning - The Housebeat

It’s not exactly a house beat but who cares. It probably is closer to Dutch than anything, but if they want to call it housebeat, go ahead. We’ll dance anyway.

And lastly in the electro industrial category is a video / track that may not be good for you epileptics to watch...but very fine for everyone else.  Or maybe you epileptics can live a little dangerously today and everyone else can get hypnotized.  Check out the promoted post of the week form Gorula:


Gorula - Hypnotize Me 


That’s it for this week. Have something we should know about? Click here to become a curator today and get paid for your finds. Check back next week for more top dance songs.