Electro House-10 Best EDM Tracks (Week 21) 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

OY!!  Back again with more of the internet’s top dance music, it’s Glitch and Uncle Flex.  We’ve spent the past week filtering out the junk, so don’t expect to hear the same old EDM here.  In music news, Daft Punk MIGHT have been working with Kanye West on one of his latest singles. It’s called “Black Skinheads,” and the title isn’t the only “WTF” element of the song. Backed by a sort of post-punk tribal beat and capped out with Kanye’s shrieking vocals, the song is pretty fucking weird. 



In sad news, iconic house producer Romanthony has passed away. While his most well known work was with Daft Punk on “One More Time,” the late producer has a treasure trove of house hits. Here is something from the mid 90’s to groove to.


" Let Me Show You Love" 



On a brighter note let's get to the best electro house of the week.


Giorgio Moroder - Racer (2013)



We’ve featured some older Giorgio Moroder in the past, but this here is brand new. You’ve probably heard his name associated with acts like Donna Summer, Pat Benatar, and most recently, Daft Punk. Moroder is often credited with helped shape the disco movement with his breakthrough use of the synthesizer. This track is a great mix of old and new, never flinching from Moroder’s roots. It’s got the old school sound of the 70’s coupled with a more aggressive riff that you might find in current dance music. 


Maya Jane Coles Feat. Karin Park - "Everything" (Official Video)   


Can you remember the last time you saw taxidermy in a music video? Nope, neither could we. 


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Blood Diamonds - Barcode ft. Dominic Lord (Figure Remix) 


Blood Diamonds are definitely spilling blood and other bodily fluids on this EDM banger / iPod melter.  Get crazy.  


Mark Knight - Your Love 



Kylie Minogue would be proud (and her ass too). [we put this one up for the last week of april, but it’s one of the best songs out, so I’m all for more]


F.O.O.L - Feed Us (Preview)



Preview of a new track from F.O.O.L that features a ominous string buildup before dropping one of their signature riffs.


Circus Two - Mini Mix


Circus Two will definitely generate what i like to call the "stinky finger" effect.  if you're nose doesn't cringe up on this then you go better smell some roses.  


Sebastian Ingrosso, Tommy Trash & John Martin - Reload (Vocal Version / Radio Edit)



There are a lot of big names attached to this track. What do you think? Another chart topping hit, or too many cooks in the kitchen? 


Kill The Noise - Saturn with Brillz and Minxx



New track from Kill The Noise, with an intro that will make you think the man has gone soft but...wait for it...wait for it...waaaaait foooorrrr it!


TOKiMONSTA - The Force (feat. Kool Keith) [Star Slinger Remix]



Check out this mellow house groove.


John Dahlback - Nuke (Original Mix)



Kolombo & Sharam Jey - NonStop! (Preview!)



These guys lay down a sick groove and keep with it.  Not just a sick groove.  It's so sick...it's terminal.  


Want Love 2013 (Original Mix)-Crazibiza



Mmmmmm tech house. 


That’s it for this week’s installment of BitCandy's best electro house and EDM. Will Daft Punk live up to the hype next week on their official release.  Or was it already released on iTunes streaming for free (full length and streaming like a piece of vinyl...hmm?) Check back next week and don't forget to check out our internet radio here!  www.BitCandy.com/FreeOnlineRadio