Best Electro Music (Week 10) - 10 New Favs! 2013


Earsplitting EDM bangers, iPod melting’s all here this week...once more at BitCandy's best dance songs 2013, where we filter out the same old and same old of over 300 tracks we listened to this week to just bring you the best EDM has to offer (sorry Avicii...this article’s not for you...but maybe you’ll get lucky on your next crowd sourced brand funded triumph).  Ok. let’s workout...



Alvin Risk - SKYCLAD



We’re kicking off the post with a banger that only Alvin Risk can bring.  I love how it goes into an actual song and then all wave sines break loose.  Somewhere Alvin is laughing as he’s melting your face off.  


Tommy Trash - Monkey See Monkey Do



The Trashman is back. And no, we’re not talking about the wrestler. We’re talking about the guy who makes kick ass electro. These remixes, including one of Tommy Trash’s, all offer something different, from dubstep, electro, and prog. Have a favorite? We can’t decide - help us out!


Proxy - Who Are You? EP



Sorry boys and girls Proxy don’t want you all to stream this with an embed (?) but check out the link above for some filthy electro.  


ROMAN NOSE - Kill The Vampyrs



Loving “goth edm” or rather “gothedm.”  Special thanks to our Curator, Duffster (aka Dalle00) for turning us on to them.  


Aesop Rock - Coffee (Figure Remix)



Great combination here of rap and hard beats...put in a blender with Figure at the helm of the remix and you get this tasty treat.   


Major Lazer - Watch Out For This (Bumaye) feat. Busy Signal, The Flexican & FS Green



You might have heard the new Major Lazer release has been delayed.   Maybe he got stopped at the Border.   I also heard he and Diplo have sent some Major Lzer commandos over to Beyonce to make sure she doesn’t destroy any more of Diplo’s beats (referencing “Girls Who Run The World.”)


New Daft Punk Clip from Saturday Night Live (3/3/13)



Apparently this is a teaser for the new Daft Punk album coming out shortly on Columbia Records.  It’s been too long my mysterious little robots.  But is it just me or if this is the best clip they have to offer...should we be concerned.   


Cedric Gervais & Borgore - Deception (Available March 18) 



And advance promo here from Cedric Gervais & Borgore and what to expect if you go to one of their shows.  Jealous?  I am.  But I’m not jealous of Borgore’s teeth.


Tiesto - Exclusive Footage Live from Staples Center in Los Angeles 3-2-13



Last weekend in L.A. Tiesto destroyed the L.A. Staples Center with some of the best DJing skills anyone has ever seen.  Check out the amazing beats here. (Sorry I’m getting ready for April 1…I can't leave you hanging like that so check out my favorite Tiesto live footage ever here for reals)





It’s called “Demon” for a reason. Prepare to move like a minion of the underworld. 


Neiko - Crank The Dirty [Promoted via Fiverr


Check out new artist Neiko and first song uploaded to SoundCloud, promoted via Fiverr.


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