Best of Electro (10 EDM Bangers) - Week 39 2012

Best of EDM & Electro


Greetings world. Uncle Flex and Glitch here, powering up with to bring you some of the top dance songs from around the web.



Now it’s time to get serious for a second. There are protests in the middle east, riots at Apple’s Foxconn plant; even the gangam style dance has become dangerous. What has the world come to?!  Teens can’t even mockingly ride an invisible horse in today’s day and age. This brings us to our next point: when choosing a dance, it’s very important to pick one that is upbeat and non-threatening dance, preferably one that can incorporate a fanny pack, goofy kicks, and French people (like this one our Top 10 EDM tracks of the week!


Nero - Won't You (Be There)



Nero working the vocal track hard.  Something we like compliments of


Spank Rock "Ta Da" (produced by Boys Noize)



With his new album dropping in weeks, Boys Noize is getting his hands into something new with Spank Rock.



Wolfgang Gartner - Nuke



If all ICBMs sounded this good, I would welcome nuclear war any day.


Foreign Beggars - Apex (Produced by Knife Party)



A few weeks ago we brought you this new track from Foreign Beggars and Knife Party. Above is the original, below is the Dirtyphonics remix. Which do you like more?
Your Uncle chooses the Dirtyphonics remix for it’s speedier tempo and dirty dub grind.


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Foreign Beggars Apex (Dirtyphonics Remix)



Claude Debussy - Clair de Lune (RAC Analog Synthesizer Version)



If you don’t know who Claude Debussy is you didn’t take Classical Music 101.  No matter...RAC has done you the favor of making a pretty awesome updated version.    


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Tiesto - Adagio For Strings (Samuel Barber)



While we’re on the classical interpretations...I gotta take a moment for an EDM classic...none other than the King of The Netherlands, Tiesto and his live version here of Samuel Barber’s “Adagio For Strings.”  This is classic Tiesto here back when he was more pure trance … instead of today where his shows have become more of a cheeze fest and the same playlist everyone else is playing...but for all you just getting into electro...ya gotta see this.   


Vitalic - No More Sleep



With their new album due out in about a month (November 5th), we figured this distorted grinder is something you should listen to.  Do it now!


That's a wrap for this week...we usually have at least 10 Electro Bangers but it seems y'all knob twiddlers have been on the snooze or just make up some better beats for next week will ya!  Thanks for checking our weekly top dance songs.  


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