Best of Electro & Top EDM - Week 40! 2012


Good day to you world. It’s that time again, time for top dance songs and more electronic goodness from your very own Uncle Flex and Glitch.  Call us a crockpot cuz we’ve slowed cooked hundreds of tracks for a week down to a few juicy, savory stew of musical goodness.  One bite will bring you French touch, the next will give you Dutch, hell, we even have a German in there.


Time for some quick music news: that new “DJ X-Factor” that Simon Cowell was planning has fallen through to the cheers of music fans around the world.  While it would have made the British twat a load of money, we all know it would’ve sucked major ass.


Boys Noize’s new album, Out of the Black, comes out in less than two weeks on Oct. 12th; look below for a preview of the album.  Here's our Top 10 favs of the week.


Hans Zimmer - Time (Pilotpriest Remix)



Yes Hans Zimmer the huge Hollywood film orchestrator and film scorer behind epic films and film scores like “Inception” is now in the EDM game now compliments (and free download!) of Pilotpriest.  Really love this.   


Boys Noize "Out Of The Black" (Album Preview)



I think Boys Noize finally got all the memos that were coming in to stop fucking around and just give us some hard beats!  This is going to kick you in your teeth.  It might hurt...but you’ll like it.  


Felguk vs Yves V - WOW



Nothing groundbreaking here, but I guess you don’t need to be groundbreaking to get bodies moving, which WOW will do without a doubt.  


Gaslamp Killer destroys “Motor” by SebastiAn (Live Video!)



Damn Gaslamp 4UCK1NG CR8ZEE!  And sweet dancer.  Insanity starts about .50 seconds.


Icona Pop - I Love It (Fukkk Offf RMX)



This was originally an upbeat electropop piece by the fun loving, pretty girls of Icona Pop. Then Fukkk Offf got ahold of it, and well, you can guess what happened to it... Or you can listen it instead. Let’s just say that while the upbeat chorus is still there, a whole lot of darkness got injected into there. 


DJ Fresh - Feeling -South Central Remix



Havana Brown & R3hab - You'll Be Mine (R3hab & ZROQ Remix)



R3hab...still waiting for you to stop wasting time doing remixes and start focusing on being an artist.  R3hab is my pick for a break out star for 2013 if he stops taking those silly remix and DJ checks.   


Jupiter - Juicy Luicy (Little Boots Remix Dub)



If you liked the daytime disco of Poolside that we brought you a few months ago, I think this will be right up your alley. With a steady piano line, a simple, smooth vocal melody, and some easy going drums, Juicy Luicy is one you’ll want to listen to on repeat. 



Pink Is Punk & Benny Benassi - Perfect Storm (Teaser)



I am so teased right now. This track is bitchin! While it’s simple and straightforward, it rocks with some serious menace in the main riff. Now if I could just stop imagining George Clooney fishing...


Well hope you enjoyed our electro stew.  Just call us Martha Stewart baking up some fresh EDM and Best of Electro Bangers for ya in our Betty Crocker style music blog.