Best Electro House - Week 2, 2013

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Happy new year to you all from BitCandy and our best of electro house page, where we rejoice in amazing DJ fail photos like Paris "Snatch" Hilton...and the best tracks of the week. Uncle Flex and Glitch are back so help you stay good on your new year’s resolution to listen to more great electro music.  

In music news, the lineup for this year’s Ultra Music Festival has been released and good God, it shall be loud. Names like Major Lazor, The Bloody Beatroots, Fatboy Slim, Knife Party, Swedish House Mafia, Thievery Corporation... there are many more names on the list, so it’s sure to be epic. Tickets are not on sale yet, so start saving your money if you have not already.


Kaskade & Swanky Tunes (feat. Lights) - No One Knows Who We Are (Original Club Mix)

Loving this EDM anthem from Kaskade and Lights.


Kavinsky - Protovision

You might only know him as that guy who did the soundtrack for Drive, but Kavinsky still has more moody 80’s driving music for us. In his latest video, "Protovision," the frenchman tears up the streets of LA in a phantom Ferrari, all the while wearing those sunglasses of his. But it sounds like someone was high when they mixed this!


Skrillex - Summit (feat. Ellie Goulding) [Video by Pilerats]  

Great fun video showing what you miss out on by not going to Skrillex events! Directed by Pilerats. As per Skrillex’s note in the YouTube description, it sounded like this video was a surprise and unexpected.


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GTA - Ai Novinha

In the past we’ve brought you GTA’s new releases with their booty shaking moombahton. “Ai Novinha,” the title track from their new EP out on January 7th, ups the energy by infusing the track with elements of big room while still keeping the playful moomba shuffle. Check out Mixmash Records soundcloud for a preview of the entire EP.


Justice - D.A.N.C.E.

Retro Paris sounds, yo. Ahh the days when there were actual songs in EDM … jeez only like 4-5 years ago. Teardrop.


Tiesto & Steve Aoki - Tornado feat. Polina (Kill The Noise Remix)

Brutal remix (I love using that decription when it comes to remixes) to Tiesto & Steve Aoki’s “Tornado.”  p.s. Steve .. I just unsubscribed from your shit...too much average shit bro!


Skrillex - The Reason

More Skrill. Something new from the chef with a half shave. Originally released through OWSLA’s new subscription service, you can now listen to it for free. “The Reason” is part of a three track EP, each of different flavor. A carton of dubstep neapolitan, if you will. But would we care about this track if it didn’t have Skrillex’s name on it?


Crystal Castles - Atlantis To Interzone

Nothing sounds better than the 8-bit cacophony that Crystal Castles unleashes. This is a classic remix of the very famous Klaxons track, and the two really don’t sound alike at all (ahh, sign of a good remix!). Crystal Castles are legend. If you haven't seen them yet, do it soon. Not many electronic groups compare to them in their level of energy or showmanship. Plus, there’s Alice.


WTF/lawlsHardplay - Requiem For A Dream (Trap Fix)

Just because a song is good doesn’t mean it needs to be remixed. Far too often this isn’t the case and a perfectly good song is marred by the latest genre to go big. In this case, it’s the theme Requiem for a Dream gone trap.


Soldier (DSCVRD Remix) - Amba Shepherd [Promoted]

DSCVRD (aka Will Blake from Cambridge UK) brings you a grimy hard hitting slapper of a track via a remix on Amba Shepherd.  Check out more on their SoundCloud. If you’re interested in promoting your track on BitCandy, click here:


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