Best Electro 2013 - Week 7 (10 Tracks) 2013

Best of EDM & Electro

Ready for another installment of the top dance songs from around the internet? We thought you would say yes, so here we are once again to do what we do best: filter music. Why filter music, you ask? Let’s just say that if we posted the rubbish that other blogs were putting out, we would be doing you a disservice.  And on the note of rubbish, ya’ll see the Grammys?  Oh well.  But good for Skrillex.  

Here's BitCandy's favorites of the week.  (We went through about 200 tracks to bring you the creme de la cream). 


Best of Electro House 2012 - Pt 1! BitCandy's Top Electro House

Ok so it's a little late but we put together our favorite Ten electro house hits of 2012 in no particular order.  Relive all your ravs and festivals in 6 minutes!


Baauer - Harlem Shake


Harlem Shake KSLA News!  

Last year, Baauer dropped the rump moving track, “Harlem Shake.”  While it attracted attention at the time, it’s now reached a new level: internet meme. People from all walks of life can now be seen losing their shit to this trap banger, including one that makes Uncle Flex proud to be Norwegian, or watch a whole bunch at once.


Classixx - Holding On

Here’s a one from Classixx, who never fails to get the toes tapping with their upbeat brand of disco house. Complete with a funky bass and soaring synth lines, we’re sure you’ll like this one.


Bonobo : Cirrus [Official Video]

Beautifully simple and straightforward, this Bonobo track features a similarly styled video. The track’s groove is made up of a continuous kalimba and accented with all sorts of percussion bells and triangles. The video plays off the simplicity by taking a number of Americana videos and making a sort of collage out of them, retooling, repeating them images, and then mashing them all together. It’s soo trippy yet soo artistic.


The Chainsmokers - Tonight Only - We Run The Night (The Chainsmokers Reboot - Filter No 3)

In need of a deep bass? We have just the what the doctor ordered.


Kill The Noise - BLVCK MVGIC (Kill the Noise Pt. 2)

Graphic violence done with claymation? Count us in.


Kâ–³OS - Come Alive 

Great track that offers something different in a genre that’s gone from new to overdone in a matter of months. With a buildup that sounds like it belongs more in trance or techno than trap, the softer tones and lack of sirens combined with the usual hi hat track and chopped vocals make for a much more pleasant take on this hip hop offshoot.


Wakanda - Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike

Electro house that trades the usual shuffle for an African beat.


The Bloody Beetroots-Cornelius (The Milf Hunters remix)

Dark and dirty.


Essential Dubstep Volume 4 from Philosophy Recordings [Promoted Post]

Philosophy Recordings brings a fine sampling of dubstep on their latest compilation that features great artists like: rednek, rekoil, mark instinct, filth collins, liquid stranger, hulk, tim ismag, sam laxton just to name a few.  You can get the full set here.

That’s it for this week’s installment of best electro 2013.  Don't forget to suggest what we should have for our next weeks installment below!  Seriously we take your suggestions cause we know you have good taste.