Best Music Videos | Week 26 (10 Indie Vids) 2013

Best New Videos

Mini Kim Jong-Chunk, gold dust women, the sad dreams of janitors, Obama up all night to get lucky with Lady Liberty, we're 26 weeks into the years best montaging of your greatest indie music video desires and nightmares. Come along now, BitCandy munchers, there's mowage afoot. And Laura Mvula says it's alright to imbibe.


Grouplove - 'Ways to Go'

Better than a Kurt Cobain ringer on the cowbell, better than a mini Kim Jong successor in his Chunk privileged Hawaiian-shirt youth opting for flower over power, there is the glory of this YouTube comment that makes us proud to be Americans: "its not Psy its that Korean that wanted to bomb us."


Kirin J Callinan - 'Way to War'

We still haven't figured out whether to be terrified or amused, of these speedo-clad man-child and child-man creepster duo.


Barack Obama Singing Get Lucky by Daft Punk (ft. Pharrell)

The "legend of the phoenix" takes on a whole new damn curious meaning. You see, 'she' is now Lady Liberty, and somebody's getting lucky and it's not the American populous. Analyze that.


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Stellar OM Source - 'Polarity'

Get that pool, gold dust women, get it! Now synchronize to the blip-bloopery of OMmmmmm.


Juveniles - 'Through the Night'

Shit, we mean, get that ribbon, sparkle dust women, get it! SV Odelzhausen, give 'em hell! Stretch those thighs, yeah.


Majical Cloudz - 'Childhood's End'

The dreams of the janitorial circuit are just as heart-wrenchingly sad as any other. Treat them well, and don't stare at them when they have to buy their damn condensed soup, prick kids.


JJ Doom - 'Bookhead'

JJ Doomer, why are you wasting that see-through mirror helmet on the library? Books don't care what they look like. Go hit up a McDonald's or something and get your satire on.


Laura Mvula - 'That's Alright'

Where can we get outfit in impeccable dress and Michael Jackson-it in a mansion gangway? We, we made ourselves the center of the universe, Miss Mvula, and we want in on this magical mirror party.

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Yeah Yeah Yeahs - 'Despair'

People, people everywhere and not a Karen O to despair. This song was better when it was called "Turn Into." Sweet rooftop jam session, though.


M.I.A. - 'Bring the Noize'

White noise terrorist cult with cows and dry ice and too many strobe lights - what the hell is going on M.I.A., and why are you the only one who gets to have pink hair up in this wizard-garb joint?


Moderat - 'Bad Kingdom'

Yet another tale of debutants just raping and pillaging the treasures of American progress, now in whirling graphic-novel seizure strobes!


Mother Falcon - 'Airbag'

Austin's rising orchestral high-school gang storm the pit to put Thom Yorke and the interstellar burst crew where they belong, in the hall of the "Airbag" mountain king.


So back to this JJ Doom mirror mask -> imagine that rig used in the florescent lights of police line-ups to get cryptically anonymous. So many other practical uses, man. But the Doomster, just waiting it on books. Until next week's handpicked best music videos (well at least in our opinion).