Ary - Already There

Norwegian singer ARY has released her brand new single, “Already There,” through Petroleum Records, and it’s so good that it’s already got its stamp of approval from Elton John. I’m sorry -- that’s Sir Elton John, meaning that this could be a first for one of We Are: The Guard’s endorsed tracks. Because honestly, has YOUR favorite artist’s song been selected to play during Elton John’s Rocket Hour? Doubtful. Listen to “Already There” below and see why ARY is getting all the hype she deserves.



spotify ARY has claimed that this is the first love song she’s ever written, and if this burst of musical energy is how she manages happy songs, I’m scared to listen to anything but. “Already There” comes off sounding straight from the forest backdrops of Avatar; all bright, shimmering, and vibrant. The bridge is a tropical house tunnel, whose synths, along with ARY’s smooth vocals, lead to an explosive chorus with even bigger synths and an impressive vocal ability. You know what this sounds like? Like those wild visuals you used to watch when you’d open up your Windows Media Player back in 2002, that you’d follow for hours with music on repeat? Was that just me? Oh, my bad.

Sonically, the depth in “Already There” is remarkable, even with just running under three minutes. Still, it’s a promise of what’s to come from the budding artist. Stay tuned to ARY’s socials for her next releases. Girl, don’t keep us waiting.