Lithuanian singer/songwriter Beatrich welds the pastoral to the hyperreal, on her hot new single, “About.”

“Folk music” and electronica have never been particularly easy bedfellows, despite every attempt to be otherwise. There’s been some interesting experiments, like the beat-dappled Delta Blues of R. L. Burnsides, before his passing, and the sonic explorations of “folktronica”, “Freak Folk”, and several other -tronica moments that hinted at the possibilities that can come with blending the heart and raw emotionality of acoustic instruments and the infinite sonic control of digital production.



“About” begins with some glassy house piano chords and a simple jazz-age acoustic guitar strum, forming the perfect compliment for Beatrich’s piquant vocals, like walnuts on a delicious raspberry vinaigrette salad. A simple, steady beat heralds the transition, calling the faithful and the heartbroken to the dancefloor, with a classic rave-y build-up, with “About” subtly shifting into a modern disco house banger, like The Weeknd’s “I Can’t Feel My Face When I’m With You,” without the rehab. “About” also recalls other artful avant pop moments of the past few years, like Daft Punk’s robotic soul or the plastic body-warping of Connan Mockasin or Autre Ne Veut. Those acts are about as organic as a Dasani water bottle, however, while Beatrich still keeps the mahogany pulse of wood, strings, and steel, augmenting the time-honored styles like a wicker chair shot through with circuit-boards and liquid mercury.

Likewise, Beatrich’s listening seems to expand beyond the traditional, as she has an instinctive understanding of pop structures - the builds, the breaks, the hooks and choruses. No matter how many times we hear it, the euphoric sugar rush of a big chorus never gets old. It TRANSPORTS us - heals us, helps us to forget our troubles.

With “About,” a whole new generation stand poised to discover the joys and  charms of killer songwriting and acoustic instrumentation, without having to go to a Mumford & Sons concert. We Are: The Guard most sincerely applaud her efforts! Keep your eyes and ears on this one!