Matoma - Slow

By this point in his career Matoma has become quite the veritable hitmaker. Can’t stop this Norwegian no matter how hard the forces at bay seem to try. Following up “Girl at Coachella” with MAGIC! and D.R.A.M. and “Staying Up” with The Vamps comes “Slow” with Noah Cyrus. 

If you think you can place this voice and last name it’s because you can! 

Noah is the seventeen year old lil sister to veritable hitmaker herself, Miley Cyrus. Her soulful pop personality makes the perfect partner to Matoma’s EDM pop sensibilities. The kind of partnership between a 17 year old American and 27 year old European that has made people uncomfortable for years! 

“Slow” has all the right factors going for it to become the next monster mamma-jamma superstar hit that all the seventeen year olds bop around and fall in love to, only to have their heart broken later in the year and curse this song off for all of eternity. Of course they’ll secretly still listen to it and just pretend that they don’t have serious emotional heartache. It’s too good not to listen, they’ll say! And they’ll be right!



spotify Matoma successfully dips into the world of future house/bass for the first time and churns out another festival banger while still keeping his pop sensibilities squarely nailed in place. We should expect to hear this track absolutely everywhere where pop-EDM is played this winter. Get your New Year's booties ready cause you’re gonna be singing this one at the top of your lungs guaranteed. This is the first track off Matoma’s forthcoming album, where we should expect all sorts of boundary pushing material from the young DJ. Can’t wait to hear what’s next!

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