Siba - Clean Break

Summer romances aside, there is a bountiful amount of break-up tunes that have landed at my feet here at We Are: The Guard. If you are ready to patch up those wounds from failed love before the turn of the season, I present you a pop-friendly, easy-listening song by SIBA named "Clean Break."



spotify It took quite a while for Danish producer SIBA to find the proper formula to create a piece worthy of pop chart success. For his newest song called "Clean Break," he employs simple, but effective beats with lofty vocals provided by an unidentified female. Certainly, SIBA chose not to overdo the rhythms and beats, going for a smooth and soft approach that is extremely pleasing to the ears. "Clean Break" is an emphatic response to an injured romantic relationship. With every repeat of “we don't need space,” the song seeks to tell you a story of love that should be ended in swift motion, much like ripping off a bandage off a wound. The quicker, the better.

The song itself is addictive. You cannot help but go back a few more time just enjoy it more so. After his EP last year, SIBA has concocted the right elixir to lead him to a world of pop music, and his personal place on the music map.