I think my #1 conclusion after listening to “Bom Bom” is that I wanna be friends with Tkay Maidza. That’s it. Easy. It just seems like she’s having a whole hell of a lot of fun. A lot more fun than the rest of us. Due to this revelation I hereby change my outlook on life to have more fun and stop pouting all the damn time. Why? 'Cause this song is fun and thus clearly I’ve learned that fun is more fun than not fun. Come on, get on the train with me on this. Get up and dance while you listen why don’t you? WHY NOT? DANCING IS FUN. This song is rad as hell. The Australian singer-rapper has got a buck wild flow that reminds us here at We Are: The Guard of the emergence of Nicki Minaj (on like say, Kanye West’s Monster. Remember how good that verse was?) Tkay herself has compared herself to artists like Nicki Minaj, MIA and Santigold. Big shoes to fill for sure, but she’s doing a friggin’ excellent job as far as I’m concerned. Nicki Miwho? MIA more like MIA. Santi-notasgoodasTkay-gold.



soundcloud “Bom Bom” succeeds largely because of the massive bouncing bassline from veteran weirdo producer Danny L Harle. This is the kind of moombah-influenced club monster that would have absolutely slaughtered in a Major Lazer set back when Major Lazer mattered. The production on this track is next level really feeling the bass BOMS as she “Boms” along with the lyrics, you know what I mean? Tkay is perfectly complimented by this strange and wonderful beat. Is this maybe the perfect collaboration? Do we need Danny behind the decks for every track Tkay Maidza does? I say so, but what the hell do I know?

“Bom Bom” follows up Tkay Maidza’s self-titled album Tkay and April’s single “Glorious” (which is in fact, Glorious). Neither are produced by Danny L Harle and are also fantastic, so what the hell do I know?

I’ll shut up now so you can enjoy in peace.

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