Based on all my sources a.k.a YouTube, Instagram, Twitter and basically the entire eeeenternet and everyone who attended Coachella ella, the desert music festival has now been renamed Beychella thanks to DJ Khaled's genius thinking. But you knew that already. Just kidding, no name change has been declared, but this doesn’t discredit the fact that Queen B slayed her performance and makes me that much more convinced that purchasing a ticket to the OTR II vs. paying my rent was the second smartest thing I’ve done this year. Speaking of smart things to do, it’s time to take a look at this week’s Best of Indie Pop and spread the word about More Giraffes, King Princess, MorMor, and more.



Let’s start off this playlist right. It would go against everything in me to not shamelessly plug in our latest label release. Yes! Another delicious track that we’re super proud to be behind. The Swedish duo Rabbi receives a reproduction of their impactful single “Majestic” by non other than Grammy-winner Dave Audé . My words do the remix no justice, so how about you give it a listen and share with us your nod of approval.



Looks like indie duo has tapped into my spirit animal. I’m a dinosaur, hear me roar! Put me on a leash ‘cuz I’ll tear sheeet up (no alchol or stimulants needed). Similarly to my careless behaviour,  More Giraffes has been stopping all over the pop scene with a spirit of carefreeness. In regards to their latest single,  “"Dinosaur” is an anthem for everyone that knows they're fly AF.  It's about having the confidence to be yourself and stomp out the h8rs like a T-Rex."



Oooohhh eeeh, prepare to be undressed and caressed by the soul hitting, mind numbing single from Toronto’s solo artist MorMor. I could think of a million things that come to mind as the dreamy track “Whatever Comes To Mind” loops in and out of hazy laid back beats. But don’t get too comfortable though, the troubled lyrics slap you in the face and make you feel uncomfortably vulnerable.



Personally I can not relate to the words of SAINt JHN in “Traci Lords.” But I can totally back him up as the “ghetto Lenny Kravitz,” his words not mine. While Lenny Kravitz amped up the sexiness in rock n roll during the 90s/2000’s, SAINt JHN is disrupting the his scene with his very own take on shirtlessness and rebellion. So while I may not be on the white porn star wagon, I am all about fab beats and manic ratchetness.



By now y’all should know King Princess if not, no worries I don’t judge you or think less of you for not knowing about the up and coming indie songstress. Her debut single “1950” blew the lid off of expected streams within the first month after release. Now, King Princess returns in time to keep her name fresh in your mind with another dreamy bedroom pop track. “Talia” gives listeners an inside look at heartbreak and pain. Enjoy with a bottle or two, but hide your phones, don’t want you to be drunk texting anyone.



Walk The Moon has stood the test of time and has not fallen victim of creating songs that sound exactly like their previous efforts. Whatever juice they’re on I could use a few litres myself. Sometimes I feel like I sound like a broken record, but take my word on this one and enjoy it on the lowest setting of your car stereo or whatever you’re using to listen to this particular piece.



Get your tissues ready for this one. I looked at the forecast and things are looking somewhat messy for those who watch the vid. To be honest you might need to play the video more than a few times because the first two 9 out of 10 listeners completely lost focus on the words coming out of Nicki Minaj’s mouth.



The electronic collective NAVA, lead by Nava Golchini is set out to do two things. The first is to melt your face off as they prepare to make advances to world domination. Seems a bit ambitious right?! WRONG. With music like “Ritual” they can slap chains on my wrists and all of us because their vibes make life seem peachly chaotic and opposite of ordinary.



Let this sweet little collab between Sober Rob and Karra serve you as a reset to your end of week ahead. Dive into a mesmerizing single that penetrates deep into your mind leaving you covered in goosebumps from head to toe.

With that, we wrap up another week of human curated indie pop music. Rid yourselves of FOMO and be sure to follow all the action in music daily on Spotify.

Photo by Edgar Gomez on Unsplash


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