Best Indie Songs - Week 2 (10 Tracks) 2013

Best of Indie

BitCandy is back to serve you eight top indie songs to bust those January red, white and blues. The blogosphere is a dangerous place. We were shanked through our iridescent bubble jacket to bring you these tracks! But it was worth it, as it means we don't have to listen to BBC's “Sound of 2013,” Haim, taking a hot beer shit in our ear. Because we filtered those girls the fuck outta here (along with the latest offerings from Azealia Banks amongst others)!  Here are some of our picks for the week.  Got something better?  Mention it below and we'll include it next week if it's hot.


Sacred Caves “On the Outside”

Oops... Have we accidentally embedded a contraband soft porno from the early 1970s?! Oh no, this ode to the butt clench really is the new flick from Californian duo, Sacred Caves...


Embers “Hollow Cage”

Embers turn the "Epic" setting on their metaphorical amp up to 11 during this gloriously self-indulgent performance of “Hollow Cage,” filmed in Manchester's Gorton Monastery. Dear internette, please insert adjectives like "stunning,” "breathtaking” and “bloody mint” here.


Cayucas “Cayucos”

Guess who's back? Back again? Cayucas back! Tell a friend. Seriously. Tell SOMEBODY about this Californian quintet as they are going to be eating up and spitting your Summer back out quicker than you can say “Remember the surf p0p movement of 2k10?”

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The xx “Sunset [Jamie xx Edit]”

Dafuk?! Jamie xx has remixed his own band?! That's the equivalent of...Britney Spears covering “Toxic” by Britney Spears...or something. Nevertheless, we are vibing on this “edit,” which could well have been dug up from the 90s underground. “The dream of the 90s is alive in London...”


Toro Y Moi “Say That”

Chaz, you are giving us the motherfucking creeps. What are you exactly doing behind those ferns? Voyeurism and sporadic dad dancing aside...dude know hows to work orange. Kudos.


The Asteroids Galaxy Tour “Surburban Space Invader”

Danish martians, The Asteroids Galaxy Tour, have uploaded a montage of “totally hilar” clips from their European tour, accompanied by the deliciously cute "Suburban Space Invader." Tacky dancing, goof faces and Mette Lindberg abound.


Local Natives “Heavy Feet”

We admit, “Heavy Feet” is no “Breakers,” but it is still getting us excited-to-the-point-of-underpant-wetting (TMI?!) for Hummingbird, which drops one week today on Infectious.


Reptillians - STRFKR

Portland, Oregand dudes take a break from watching Portlandia and make a crunchy beat with a nice layer of tunage.


Radiohead “Creep”

Forgive us for closing down with the most cliché of indie tracks...but holy shitballs! This song (and Radiohead's debut album, Pablo Honey) turns 20 this year! And when was the last time you actually watched the video, anyway?! This is before Thom Yorke became a convulsing, bowler hat laden idiot:

Thom Yorke


So, what do you think of BitCandy's top indie songs of the week? Good? Bad? Goddamn ugly? Leave your comments below, or over at the Facebook page! Oh, and feel free to give us a “like” while you are there. C'mon, we don't bite...