Best Indie Songs - Week 30 2013

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Heads up, Kings Of Leon fans. If you've come here looking for “Supersoaker,” then you're going to be very, very disappointed. Why, you ask? Because, we only bring you the best indie songs of the week here at BitCandy, right Wavves? Moving the flip along. Thanks, as always, to our Curators who helped us this week. If you'd like to be a Curator, click here. (Artwork by Mapache Salado.)



Poliça “Tiff (Feat. Justin Vernon) (Doc McKinney Remix)”

The Weeknd's pal, Don McKinney's remixed Poliça's “Tiff,” featuring Justin Vernon. Even though it doesn't top the original (one of the best tracks of 2013!) it's impressive enough to kick this week off.


The Flaming Lips “Turning Violent”

The Terror's the most batshit insane that we've seen The Lips. At least Wayne Coyne don't caress no plastic baby in the video for “Turning Violent,” written by The Lips' one true genius, Steven Drozd.


Cousin Marnie “You've Been Fooling Me Baby”

This month, the London native, Cousin Marnie, will unveil her debut EP, Is Sleeping, encompassing four Carter Family covers, including “You've Been Fooling Me Baby.” I have a lady boner, people...


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Oh, I can't survive another two months, waiting for CHVRCHES' debut album. No really, I'm living for the lead single, “Gun.” Cousin Marnie, Lauren Mayberry and I need to hang out very, very soon.


Yuck “Rebirth”

Even though Daniel Blumberg left them to focus on his uh, “solo career,” Yuck are doing okay. Max Bloom's taken over with ease on “Rebirth,” the first track from their forthcoming sophomore album.


Alice Boman "Waiting (Live)”

The Nordic goddess, Alice Boman, performs “Waiting,” from her acclaimed debut EP, Skisser, live at Studio Möllan. Take a listen to Skisser (Swedish for “sketch,” FYI!) in full, over at Soundcloud.


Soft Metals “Tell Me”

Can somebody politely ask this couple to get a room? Look, I know that “Tell Me,” and Soft Metals' sophomore album, Lenses, is hot as fuck, but either let me join the face sucking, or stop this instant.


AOSOON “Under”

Marisa Hylton and Manny Folorunso are a couple from London writing music as AOSOON. Dig on “Under,” a minimalistic tune from their debut EP, What Is This About? “So just breath in a towel...”


Jackson And His Computerband “Arp #1”

In September, Jackson And His Computerband will unveil Glow, on the ever iconic Warp label. The disco inspired “Arp #1” is the latest track to be previewed from the sophomore album, after “Vista.”


The Paper Kites “St. Clarity”

“St. Clarity” is the very first cut to be lifted from The Paper Kites' forthcoming debut album, States. A hobo with misguided priorities seeks bubbles, and not a warm meal, in the accompanying video...


Denai Moore “Gone (Live)”

Watch the lovely Denai Moore get hit on, and then perform “Gone,” from her debut EP, Saudade, in Paris, where she was opening for Iron & Wine. Now, listen to the original “Gone,” over at YouTube.


The Civil Wars “The One That Got Away”

Yeh, I know that they've collaborated with Taylor Swift, but I'm taking all The Civil Wars that I can get, before they split up due to “irreconcilable differences,” and become “The One That Got Away.”


That's all the best indie songs that I've got for you this week, Kings Of Leon fans. Don't forget, if you'd like to help us out, sign up to be a Curator. But, educate yourselves in music first, mmkay?

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