Best Indie Songs - Week 37 2013

Best of Indie

Before you go cream your American Apparel one piece over the new Arcade Fire track, which may or may not feature David Bowie, and which may or may not have leaked here (I'll bring you the official cut as soon as I can!), check out this week's best indie songs. Shout out to all the Curators who helped me out with today's picks from Moby, Sleigh Bells, Grouplove and more. (Artwork by Belinda Yebra!)


Moby “The Perfect Life (Feat. Wayne Coyne)”

I know some of y'all think Moby is a baldy ball bag. But I'm confident this video of him and Wayne Coyne walking around LA in Mariachi costumes picking up freakz 'n' geekz will change your mind!


Sleigh Bells “Bitter Rivals”

Was “Bitter Rivals” written for Iron Man 29, or some shit like that? I mean, what the fuck? This is no way near as fresh as their earlier adventures. Would you even be interested if this wasn't Sleigh Bells?


Natasha Khan and Jon Hopkins “Garden's Heart”

It's cool! England's own Natasha Khan and Jon Hopkins are here to save the day with the beaaautiful “Garden's Heart,” which is taken from the soundtrack for Kevin Macdonald's film, How I Live Now.


Grouplove “Borderlines and Aliens”

Excuse me while I glue my mind back together, as it just got blown by Grouplove! How fucking cool is this song 'n' video? They've come a long way since “Colours.” Psyched up for Spreading Rumours!


Crystal Castles “Kerosene (Valy Mo Remix)”

If you didn't think Alice Glass could get any more dark, twisted and, ahem, skank, think again! French producer, Valy Mo, has just dropped this messed up remix of “Kerosene.” It's a game changer, kiddos!


The White Buffalo “Don't You Want It?”

Oh man! I need some good old Southern inflected indie rock to clean myself off after listening to that dirty remix. Thank fuck for Jake Smith, aka The White Buffalo, and “Don't You Want It?” I really do!


Planet of Sound “We Are Together”

Who the hell is Planet of Sound? They have no Facebook! It's the end of the world as music bloggers know it! Actually, it doesn't really matter. They're still making whistling sexy again. Unlike Flo Rida.


Die Mason Die “You're Lonely”

I know I'm a big fat loner, Die Mason Die! No need to remind me by way of your slow burning, heart wrenching ghost folk. Be right back, I'm going to cry about my life. Oh, and leave Nick Mason alone.


OYLS “Dots and Dashes”

Can somebody explain to me why this has only 1500 plays on Soundcloud? Y'all heard of electronica duo, OYLS, here first, folks! If you dig, which I know you do, check out their second single, “Maps.”


MT Warning “Forward Miles”

MT Warning's debut single, “Forward Miles,” has been floating about for a few months now, but that don't make this shit any less fresh! So, is chicks getting into baths fully clothed “a thing” these days?


BitCandy's back with the best indie songs next Monday. Did I forget something? Leave your hate mail below! Now I'll let you go dance around your bedroom to the new Arcade Fire track. (It's aaawesome!)